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At this time, there are mainly aphids, Japanese beetles, thrips, leaf miners, snails and crickets(4.5inch square nursery pots). Because of organic cultivation, water spray can be used to drive away mites, and Japanese beetles can be caught by hand and thrown into soapy water. As for cockroaches and snails, they can be trapped by small beer containers or tied at a distance of 5 cm (10 cm) from the base of the plant, causing the invading insects to retreat(plastic nursery pots). In terms of disease, the sweet basil variety is highly infected with fungal wilt disease.

(cheap fabric planter bags wholesale supplier)Pathogens can lie in the soil for many years(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). - Field cultivation can be selected from f1 hybrids resistant to fungi, such as nufar, and ocimum americanum and clove basil are fungal-resistant wilt. In addition, high humidity and poor drainage are also more susceptible to fungal leaf spot. Basil and asparagus, pepper, tomatoes and most of the vegetables can increase the growth and flavor of these crops(wholesale nursery pots), but can not be mixed with cabbage and beans.

In terms of pests, I don’t really like the taste of basil(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). In organic cultivation in Taiwan, basil is also used as a repellent crop to reduce pests. Vanilla contains special odors. These odors have a repellent effect on some pests, but there are still some pests that will feed on the leaves. For example, some species of basil will have night worms, rather than a snack(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Grab the cover or cover it with an insect net.

(cheap fabric planter bags wholesale supplier)The prevention and treatment of diseases is better than prevention(3.5inch square nursery pots). The method is not to use the cultivated old soil to grow herbs, because the built-in pathogens will become the source of infection, and the herbs will be cultivated in a suitable environment or season, so that the plants are strong and naturally resistant. Invasion of the disease. Remember that fresh herbs are raw or short-lived when used(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Containing pesticides can have a negative impact on health. Or use a diluted detergent.

It is an acid soil flower that grows better in this soil(4.5inch deep square pots). Therefore, it is best to raise it with a flower soil with a pH of about 6.0. Two portions of humus soil, two perlite and one fine sand can be mixed, and a small amount of base fertilizer can be added to prepare the culture soil. This soil has a very high permeability and is good for its root growth. It is also possible to use five garden soils(plug trays wholesale), three humus soils and two ash ash to make its flower soil.

(cheap fabric planter bags wholesale supplier)The copper sheet acts like a mucus, and it prefers a weakly acidic flower soil(2.5inch square nursery pots). This soil has a high fertility and is also good for its growth. Also stay away from the genus Rutaceae. It has a special taste, so it can block whitefly and larvae. When changing the flesh for the flesh, it is necessary to dry it(black plastic nursery pots). Drying the roots and then putting on the basin prevents some of the bacteria in the flower soil from infecting the plants from the wound, causing it to become sick.

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