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For some flowers with soft branches, such as oleander, hydrangea, nantianzhu, etc., the bending branch pressing method can be adopted(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). For some flowers and trees whose branches are not easy to bend, such as rubber tree, goose palm firewood, brandy and Michelia, they can be propagated by high branch pressing method(black plastic planters). It is not advisable to leave the room too early in spring. 

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If the room is left too early, it is easy to be damaged by dry wind or late frost, resulting in the drying of young leaves and shoots and even the death of the whole plant(plastic nursery pots). The time for flowers to leave the room in spring should be late rather than early(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). The outdoor time of winter flowers in northern China is about the first sentence of Yuanyue - the second sentence of Yuanyue(paddy nursery trays). 

According to the cold resistance of flowers, they should go out of the room successively, such as winter jasmine, plum blossom, Chimonanthus praecox, rose, etc. they can go out of the room in the first ten days of the source month(black plastic nursery pots); Jasmine, Fusang, yezihua, Milan, brandy, kumquat, osmanthus, cactus, etc(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). are more secure to leave the room in the middle of the margin month. Underground pests refer to pests that harm flower roots or near surface main stems in soil.

With the continuous growth and development of potted flowers and plants, the nutrients in the culture soil in the flowerpot are gradually lacking and the supply is insufficient(thermoform pots). Therefore, it is necessary to change pots and soil every year to improve nutritional conditions in order to make potted flowers thrive. Generally, it should be carried out when the sap begins to flow and the buds have not yet sprouted(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). 

There are many kinds of flowers, and the pruning time of different kinds of flowers and trees is also different(plastic seedling trays). The number of plate changing times and time and the number of basin shaking times should be gradually changed to a larger basin according to the growth status of the plant, so that the plant size is commensurate with the proportion of the basin(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Pruning in spring is mainly for thinning branches, short cutting and coring. 

Herbaceous flowers generally change pots and soil once a year(large plastic plant pots); For woody flowers and some perennial grass flowers (such as orchids) with slow growth, the pots can be changed every member round year, but the culture soil should be changed once a year. It mainly endangers the seeds, young roots, seedlings and tender stems of a variety of flowers. Potted flowers are forced to fertilize and shake(nursery planting pots). Potted flowers should not be fertilized more in spring(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). 

In spring, most of the damage periods of underground pests are concentrated in spring and autumn, and the damage is the most serious in the source month(plastic growing trays). Like flowers in acidic soil, such as mountain tea, Du Peng, brandy, gardenia, etc. alum fertilizer water (with Yu's rotten oil residue liquid plus elephant ferrous sulfate water) can be applied every other day or so(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Nitrogen fertilizer is often used for foliage flowers.

Watering in early spring should be carried out in the morning, and the branches and leaves should be sprayed with clean water at noon every day, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of plants(thermoformed nursery pot). The roots of solid early spring are delicate. At the beginning, the applicator should be applied every - days(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). With the increase of temperature, the growth and development will accelerate, and the plant will continue to grow. 

They are easy to suffer in case of concentrated fertilizer or organic fertilizer that has not been fully decomposed(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). For topdressing in spring, thin rotten liquid fertilizer should be applied, and the principle of "thin fertilizer should be applied frequently and gradually increased" should be mastered(plastic hydroponic trays). The topdressing times should be gradually increased, and the applicator can be applied every other day after a long month.

In order not to affect the normal growth of potted flowers, you should first take a period of exercise to adapt to the outdoor environment before going out of the room, and then go out of the room for maintenance all day(greenhouse plant pots). Changing pots should generally be carried out before dormancy and new bud germination in early spring, while flowers in early spring should be changed after flowering and failure(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada).

Topdressing publicity is carried out in a sunny evening(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). The specific method is to open the window for ventilation at noon on a sunny day about the day before leaving the room, reduce the room temperature, increase the direct sunlight, so that the potted flowers can gradually adapt to the external temperature, or leave the room from morning to afternoon on a sunny day, and move into the room the rest of the time(perlite suppliers).

Generally, the top dressing types in spring should be different due to different types of flowers(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Fragrant flowers should be applied with more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer when they enter the flowering period, which can promote the fragrance and taste of flowers(germination flats). Flowers dominated by foliage can be applied with nitrogen fertilizer, and flowers dominated by flowers and fruits should be applied with phosphorus fertilizer before flowering. 

After leaving the room, spray the branches and leaves with clean water at noon every day and keep the basin soil moist(square plastic pots). At this time, in case of cold current, strong wind and other bad weather, move into the room in time. For the pruning time and method of various flowers, please refer to the aforementioned "plastic pruning of potted flowers"(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). The main work of potted flower maintenance in summer is shading, watering, ventilation, pest control and so on. 

Hulk, Clivia, evergreen, camellia, Du Peng, Zhizi and Begonia of the four seasons should be kept in a cool place with good ventilation and a shade of about Fengyu(seedling trays). If they are directly exposed to strong light for a long time, their branches and leaves will wither and yellow and even die(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada); Xiansailai, upside down golden bell, etc. when the temperature exceeds the benefit, the leaves will fall asleep, and should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

Therefore, Milan, Caili, brandy and Fusang should be moved to the semi shade for maintenance in midsummer(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Therefore, if only for the demand of goods(hydroponic germination tray). Change the plate and soil. If the plant is large and the pot is small, you can change into a flower pot of appropriate size. Knock out the flower plants from the original basin, remove the old soil, cut off the dead roots, curly roots and some old roots(black square plant pots). Potted flowers should be watered in spring. 

The jade police of Orchidaceae flowers, Araceae flowers and Liliaceae need to be maintained in the shade under the weak light or scattered light around Yuyuan(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Cooling measures: first, avoid shade, second, pay attention to ventilation, and third, drink on the ground around the flowers around noon to achieve the purpose of cooling(fabric planters). They need to collect sufficient water and nutrients from the soil fill for the aboveground part of the plant. 

Pay attention to the cooling of flowers in summer(cheap fabric pots wholesale canada). Due to different ecological conditions in the origin of flowers, different kinds of flowers have different requirements for light(germination trays). With the increase of temperature in spring, the amount of watering should gradually increase, but it should be noted that the amount of watering should not be too large, which is easy to cause rotten roots or flower buds to fall off. 

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