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Aloe is very familiar to everyone, we are basically buying aloe vera gel after artificial processing(plastic nursery pots wholesale), very few people will buy raw aloe to DIY themselves. In the general supermarket, there will be aloe vera, and the green shape is very eye-catching. Aloe vera can also be called American aloe, onion and so on. Then friends who love green plants know how to raise aloe vera? How should they be trimmed(plastic nursery pots)? Aloe farming is not a rare thing, many families have aloe vera, Xiaobian gives you a summary of farming skills:(cheap gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)

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Aloe vera likes to survive in a well-ventilated environment(104 cell plug trays supplier), so you have to choose the right soil. It can be mixed with the mud and garden mud. This is good in drainage and can be breathable for rapid growth. The growth rate of aloe vera in a humid environment will be significantly accelerated, so if you are breeding aloe vera, you should water it. Although watering is diligent, it can't be overdone(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Generally, it can be poured along the side of the flower pot. Do not pour the pot with the watering basin. This will spill on the ground and affect the potting soil.

(cheap gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)Aloe vera is more heat-resistant, and without soil, it can not die for a short time, but no water will be the opposite(105 cell seed trays wholesale). All green plants are inseparable from the fertilization process, and fertilization is to make aloe vera grow up better. Aloe vera needs to add a certain amount of nutrient fertilizer in the process of growing up. Just like our human beings, supplementing nutrition will naturally develop better(plug trays wholesale). Nutritional fertilizers can go to the market to find a green plant to match, and then ask the clear ratio before proceeding.

Generally, the aloe vera that is bought home can be changed after half a year(sureroot plug trays bulk). It is most suitable for the spring/summer transitional season or before and after the National Day. Aloe vera is changed to make it grow better, keep the soil moisture in the new basin, and put aloe vera indoors in the week before, avoiding direct sunlight. After the aloe vera adapts to the new environment, it can be moved out and normal care can be done(black plastic nursery pots). Many people who raise green plants in winter will have headaches, and the green plants in their homes will die because of the cold weather.

(cheap gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)The same is true for aloe vera, and it also needs to be moved indoors for the winter(200 cell seed trays wholesale). In winter, the outdoor temperature is low, and aloe vera can cause cold weather and frostbite when it is outdoors for a long time. After the warmth measures are taken, the water is normally watered, and when the sun is sunny in the winter, it can be moved out to receive the nutrients of the sun(40 cell plug trays supplier). Friends who have raised aloe vera for the first time will encounter a problem. How do you dare to trim the aloe with a thorn? Let's take a look at it: make sure the shape is good.

Aloe vera is no more stable than other green plants(plastic cell trays supplier). If it grows more stable, it will be difficult to remedy if it is not properly grasped. So everyone should make sure that the tool is disinfected. This will ensure that aloe vera is not infected by bacteria. Start pruning along the roots of the leaves of aloe, taking care not to shake the roots(wholesale nursery pots). After the cut, pack the pot and add water. The aloe vera that has been trimmed will become more straight and taller.(cheap gallon plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)

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