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Aloe vera, known as the "king of beauty", the soil is fertile and loose(plastic nursery pots), well-drained sandy loam is better, the soil is properly applied to manure or compost, cultivated fine and flat, generally 190-2000kg of organic fertilizer applied per mu, then The width is 0.8-1m, depending on the terrain. Soil that has been wet and sticky is not suitable for planting(20 cell plug trays supplier). The improved immunity of aloe vera to the body makes aloe vera have a significant effect in the treatment of some diseases caused by decreased immunity.

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(cheap gallon plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)Whether it is burns, physical damage, corrosive chemical damage or inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays or heat radiation(plastic nursery pots wholesale), aloe vera gel has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Experiments have shown that anti-inflammatory drugs made with aloe vera gel have the same efficacy as modern chemically synthesized anti-inflammatory drugs, while aloe vera gel contains no harmful ingredients and has no side effects on the human body(18 cell plug trays supplier). Another important role of aloe vera gel is to promote wound healing.

Wound healing is a major problem in any part or tissue of the body surface(black plastic nursery pots), and aloe vera gel can participate in this healing process. Another important role of aloe vera is the remarkable "phage" effect. The body's immune system removes bacteria, infectious agents and debris from cell death through "phage" action. On the one hand, the immunostimulating agent has a phagocytic effect, and on the other hand(seed planting trays wholesale), the detoxification and cleaning functions in the body also have a phagocytic action.

(cheap gallon plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)Cells infected and killed by bacteria in the body are also harmful to the body(plug trays wholesale). These dead cells and toxins in the body are cleared by phagocytosis. Therefore, enhancing phagocytosis enhances detoxification and cleansing functions in the body. If a person has a chronic disease due to the accumulation of toxins in cells or tissues in the body, and insists on natural therapy, taking a drug made of aloe vera can significantly enhance the body's detoxification and cleansing functions(72 cell seed trays wholesale).

According to reports, aloe vera has a therapeutic effect on more than one hundred chronic diseases(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The polysaccharides contained in aloe vera can enhance immunity and have a strong inhibitory or disruptive effect on abnormal cell growth, thereby exerting an anti-tumor effect. Aloe vera needs sufficient sunlight to grow. In addition to the aloe vera that has been cultivated for about half a month, it can only see the sun in the morning(50 cell seed trays wholesale). After that, the aloe vera grows better in the sun. The fertilizer can be used with NPK and trace element fertilizer.(cheap gallon plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

In order to ensure that the aloe vera green natural can use fermented organic fertilizers such as cake fertilizer(wholesale nursery pots), chicken manure and compost. Generally, potted aloe vera can be safely wintered indoors, but the temperature should not be lower than 5 °C. Because 5 °C is the minimum safety line for aloe wintering, when the temperature is lower than 5 °C, the corresponding warming measures should be taken, and in winter, watering should be kept as little as possible or even watered(50 cell plant trays bulk). Only the leaf surface water spray can be properly applied and the potted aloe can be used as much as possible. More sunshine.

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