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A flower friend found that the aloe vera leaves he raised did not know how it happened(plastic nursery pots). In fact, the redness of aloe vera leaves is a common phenomenon and the color of the leaves of succulents is similar. Therefore, the flower friends do not need to worry, and adjust the curing method aloe. The leaves can be restored to green. The redness of aloe vera leaves is mainly due to changes in the environment(200 cell seed starter trays). Aloe vera is self-protected in its own protection. For example, the following reasons may cause red leaves of aloe vera.

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(cheap gallon plastic pots manufacturer canada)Too much drought, if the water is not watered for a long time in the summer(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the aloe leaves will turn red, and then water can be poured once. Watering regularly afterwards, when the soil cannot form a mass, it is watered. If there is too much watering and the roots are rotten, this will also cause the leaves to turn red. At this point, pull out the aloe vera, cut off the rotted part, dry it in the shade and re-insert it into the soil with moderate moisture. Refer to the same article(seedling trays wholesale). Too strong light can cause redness of the leaves.

Although aloe vera likes the sun, too strong light can also damage aloe(black plastic nursery pots). The wild aloe vera leaves in South Africa are a little red, because South Africa is too bright. The solution is to put the aloe vera in a proper shade to avoid long-term direct sunlight. Frozen in winter can cause redness of the leaves(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The winter temperature is low, and the aloe vera should be placed indoors overnight. If it is lower than 5 °C, try to put it indoors in the daytime.

(cheap gallon plastic pots manufacturer canada)If it is potted aloe vera, the redness of the leaves may also be caused by too small pots and excessive aloe roots(plug trays wholesale). Choosing spring and autumn to change it into a large basin can be solved. The photoperiod affects aloe flowering. Aloe vera in different regions receive different illumination times(105 cell seed starter trays). Generally speaking, aloe vera, which originated in the tropical and subtropical regions, requires a shorter period of illumination, which is a short-day type of aloe vera, which usually blooms in autumn.

The Aloe vera, which is native to South Africa(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), requires a longer period of illumination and is a long-day-type aloe vera, so it usually blooms in March-April. The effect of light intensity on the growth of aloe. In general, the higher the altitude, the stronger the light intensity, and vice versa, the lower the intensity. The higher the latitude, the weaker the light intensity, and conversely, the lower the intensity(104 cell seed starting trays). If it is in summer, the light intensity is strong, and in winter, the light intensity will be weakened.(cheap gallon plastic pots manufacturer canada)

The weather changes are also related to the light intensity(wholesale nursery pots). If there is more rainfall, the light intensity is higher, and the weather is dry, the light intensity is weakened. The light intensity is higher, the growth of aloe vera is more vigorous, and the growth speed is faster. At the same time, the color of aloe leaves is bright, the flesh is thick and juicy; the light intensity is not high, the aloe vera is listless, the aloe leaves are thin, and the color of the leaves is dim(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). So people tend to grow aloe vera in the summer.

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