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Cheap Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Price Washington

The temperature suitable for the growth of jade is between 15 and 25 degrees and the humidity is between 70 and 90(gallon plant pot). Take the Yangtze River Delta as an example. Usually the body juice is too late to fill, like a balloon that is not enough gas, the surface is slightly lighter than the white powder. In winter, the indoor temperature should be kept above 5 degrees. The growth is slow and semi-dormant. The body is filled with juice(flat plastic tray). Like a balloon with sufficient air, the window has the highest gloss and the best transparency.(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price washington)

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The temperature in spring and autumn is suitable(cell trays). If the beginning of Yulu is observed to grow vigorously, it means that the roots are strong at this moment. After the potting soil is dry, the potting soil can be poured through, and the ventilation area is blown for a few days to remove the remaining water of the potting soil and then suffocate. The summer temperature is higher, the jade is stopped growing, the window surface is reduced in transparency, and the spray can be humidified at dusk to relieve the leaf surface shrinkage(plastic grow pots). If the temperature is above 10 degrees in winter, Yulu will grow slowly and keep the basin soil slightly warm.

At this moment, it is most suitable for suffocating and increasing the enjoyment(plug trays). When the minimum temperature drops to 5 degrees, it needs to be antifreeze. After the frostbite of Yulu, the window surface is white and affects the viewing. The specific methods include: putting a plastic cup on the flower pot; covering the plastic film or pressing the glass plate with the finishing box; forming a small cupboard or small shed with the glass or the sun board; the security window is separated by stainless steel(greenhouse supplies pots), and the glass is pressed on the glass To prevent rain, the outer three faces are covered with a sun board or a thick transparent plastic cloth.

(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price washington)It should be noted that the smaller the space(gallon nursery pots), the easier the temperature and humidity will change suddenly, which is not good for plants. In the spring and autumn seasons, the temperature will rise from 12:00 to 15:00, which is as high as 40-50 degrees. Therefore, it is humidified in the evening before going to work during the day. Summer high temperature and high humidity is fatal to Yulu. This period must be mainly ventilation and cooling(wholesale greenhouse pots). Remember not to suffocate. You can spray and humidify around the plants in the evening on a sunny day.

First, the larger particles of bluestone on the bottom of the basin(propagation tray), put the jade to make the roots stretch, and hold the hand of Yulu with one hand and pour a small amount of peat, vermiculite, and red jade grain along the wall. Some people will think that the red jade is long. Will powder, I use two lines of hard red jade soil, the hardness can be used, the soil is laid to two-thirds of the basin(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), it is best to keep the soil covering the root system to keep it moist, which is beneficial to root growth.(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price washington)

The aforementioned suitable environmental humidity of Yulu is between 70-90, obviously it is necessary to create a sultry environment(black plastic plant pots). Next is the pure granular soil paving, spread to the basin along the 0.5 cm, complete the paving. After the upper basin, spray water with a watering can, and the soil surface can be slightly tidal. Then place it in a cool, ventilated place, and wait for a 3~5 day service basin to be able to light normally(square nursery pots). After the summer temperature rises, Yulu stops growing and goes to sleep, and the surface whitening transparency is reduced.

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