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Cheap Gallon Plastic Pots Wholesale Price California

Aloe vera, collectively known as "aloe vera"(plant start trays wholesale), is native to the Mediterranean Sea and Africa and belongs to the perennial herb of the genus Salicaceae. It has at least 300 species, of which about 250 in the African continent, about 40 in Madagascar, and the remaining 10 in the Arab region. Because of the great differences in the nature and shape of various varieties of aloe, some can be as high as 20 meters(wholesale nursery pots), some are less than 10 centimeters, and there are many kinds of leaves and flowers.

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(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price california)Moreover, there are various characteristics in cultivation, and they are popular among people(32 cell seed starter trays). This is why many flower friends will raise aloe vera at home. However, although there are many types of aloe vera, there are only a dozen of them available for medicinal use, and several are edible. The rest belong to ornamental plants. Therefore, many people will doubt what kind of aloe vera can be eaten(plastic nursery pots manufacturers)? Is there any poison in the end? According to a large number of scientific research data, there are three types:

That is, the aloe variety that is currently grown in the world is edible(72 cell propagation trays). This is Chinese aloe, Aloe vera and Japanese wood aloe. Here are some common medicinal aloe vera and edible aloe vera. The intensity of light is related to latitude, altitude, and seasons and weather. It is important to note that in summer, especially at noon, the intensity of light is too high(plug trays wholesale), which may exceed the tolerance of aloe to light, and aloe vera will be burned.

(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price california)In China, the name "alu" of aloe vera is black, and "hui" means gathering(200 cell seed starting trays). The liquid dripping from the incision of fresh aloe leaves is yellowish brown, oxidized to black in the air, and solidified into a mass. Call it aloe vera. The origin of aloe vera is in the tropical arid regions of the African continent. There are more than 500 species and varieties(black plastic nursery pots). So far, there are only a few medicinal values, mainly distributed in the tropical regions centered on South Africa and around the world.

There will be differences in shape between different varieties(72 cell plug trays supplier). There are two kinds of wild aloe in the Yuanjiang area of Yunnan, southern Fujian, Hainan Island and Guangzhou Leizhou Peninsula, namely Chinese aloe. Aloe vera is a general in the family of Liliaceae. Its English name aloe comes from the Arabic word alloeh. It means "bitter" taste(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Aloe vera is light and grows stronger in the sun. The light is colorful, the color of the light is different, and the effect on aloe is different.(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale price california)

For example, red and orange light can promote the form of carbohydrates(128 cell plug trays supplier), and they are also the light that aloe vera absorbs the most in photosynthesis. Moreover, when sunlight scatters, red and orange light are the most. Therefore, aloe vera grows fastest when it is scattered by sunlight; short-wave light and blue-violet light are not conducive to the growth of aloe stem; blue light is good for protein formation, but aloe vera is for it(plastic nursery pots). Absorbency is poor; UV can promote the synthesis of vitamins, but also inhibit the "crazy" of aloe vera, which is most abundant when exposed to direct sunlight.

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