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How to breed ivy? The precautions for ivy planting(105 cell plant trays bulk). The ivy is a kind of climbing vine, which is mostly used in greening, house walls, parks and other areas. The ivy's decorative effect is strong and can beautify the environment. So how do I plant the ivy? Today, the staff of the staff will come to explain the precautions for the cultivation of the ivy(plug trays wholesale). In general, the ivy can be planted by seeding, cutting and stripping.(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers florida)

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The seeding method is the traditional method of fruit planting(128 cell plant trays bulk). The rod insertion method inserts the stem of the ivy into the soil, which can also quickly extract the branches. The method of pressing the strip is to directly press the stem into the soil on the plant and wait for its rooting. Precautions for ivy planting: Parthenocissus should be planted in humus soil. The soil should be loose and breathable(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is best to mix the soil with fine sand, so that the soil has good drainage performance and should keep the soil moist.

(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers florida)The ivy is like moist soil, so it is better to keep the soil moist when watering, and spray water when the seedlings are in use(162 cell plug trays supplier). However, be careful not to be diligent, to use the surface to be wet, and to be too ruined. Parthenocissus does not require high fertilizers, but proper fertilization can make it grow stronger and more beautiful(black plastic nursery pots). In the growing season, liquid fertilizer can be applied 2 to 3 times to promote its robust growth. Since the ivy is a vine, it should be pruned during its growth.

The branches and vines at the doors and windows should be trimmed according to the situation to keep them clean(200 cell plug trays supplier), beautiful and convenient. In addition, when the vines are generally longer than 60 cm, the first topping can be performed to prevent the vines from being entangled with each other, and the vines can be made thick. The ivy is actually better planted. The requirements for fertilizer and soil are not high. Many gardens are planted(wholesale nursery pots). However, in addition to trimming, we must also pay attention to prevent pests and diseases.(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers florida)

The phoenix tree also has a good mosquito repellent effect(200 cell plant trays bulk). During the growth process of the phoenix tree, the bark will slowly fall off, and the dried bark that is shed is a good thing to repel mosquitoes. You can collect some dry bark that has fallen off from the phoenix tree and put it together to ignite. The smoke produced by burning has a faint scent that can drive out mosquitoes. In the past, the production of old-fashioned mosquito coils in rural areas was mixed with the bark of sycamore(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Note that it should not be used in a closed room.

(cheap gallon plastic pots wholesale suppliers florida)Nepenthes is a tropical plant. Nepenthes has a very special insect trap(32 cell plant trays bulk). The top of the trap has a lid. If a mosquito enters, it will close the lid and eat the mosquito. Nepenthes are supplemented by capturing such insects or small animals. Although pitcher plants can catch mosquitoes, they do not have an insect repellent effect. The flowers of the night scent are beautiful and elegant, but the flowers are too strong, and the time will be uncomfortable(plastic nursery pots). The mosquitoes are also afraid of this taste. It is a summer mosquito repellent.

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