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Cheap Garden Seed Starter Trays Wholesale NZ

Generally, light seeds are large seeds, which need to be covered when planting(propagation tray), and good light seeds are mostly small seeds, which need to be located on the soil surface and can be germinated under light conditions. This is because the fine seeds store less nutrients. If they sprout under the dark soil, they will run out of nutrients without sticking out the soil(flat plastic tray). For example, the seeds of Petunia are very small, are good-light seeds, and do not need to cover soil.

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(cheap garden seed starter trays wholesale nz)The soil needs to be kept moist all the time, but if it is too moist, it will easily breed germs and cause decay(plug trays). Therefore, in the process of waiting for germination, it is necessary to put it in a ventilated place for half an hour. If the seed is placed for too long, it will lose its vitality, so it is best to buy the seeds of the year. Temperature is the key to seed germination. General seed packaging will indicate the suitability for the season and temperature(plastic grow pots). Spring and autumn are suitable seasons for most seeds.

Let's talk about the sowing step: put the soil into the seedling tray(gallon plant pot). Water the soil and sprinkle the seeds evenly over the moist soil (you can also dip the pots after sowing). Small seeds: such as petunias, before planting, the soil is flattened and watered. It is also possible to mix the seeds with the fine soil and spread it, and then gently press it after sowing(greenhouse supplies pots), without covering the soil. Do not water from above when watering to avoid rushing the seeds in place.

(cheap garden seed starter trays wholesale nz)Large-grain seeds: large-grain seeds such as sweet pea, purple jasmine, nasturtium(cell trays), and succulent Susan can be sown in the soil by one-by-one method. The thickness of the soil is 2-3 times the diameter of the seed. Place the seedling tray in a place with weak scattered light. Add water every day to keep the soil moist(wholesale greenhouse pots). Generally, it will emerge in 7-14 days. 5. When the seedling grows to 2-3 leaves, it can be removed from the seedling tray and planted in the pot.

So let's take a look at what tools we need to prepare before the autumn broadcast(gallon nursery pots). Seedling tray: This kind of seedling tray with a small lattice provides independent growth space for the flower seedlings. The root system will be stronger than the direct planting in the flower pot; And a hole and a seedling save the flower species, transplanting is also only used to pour small clods into the flower pot, very convenient(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Soil: Use a porous, breathable, water-retaining matrix. It is recommended to use a combination of peat soil + perlite + vermiculite.

(cheap garden seed starter trays wholesale nz)After 1-2 hours, the seeds were evenly sprinkled on the soil(black plastic plant pots). Seeds are divided into good light seeds and light-sensitive seeds. Of course, many flowers can be broadcast in spring or autumn. Do not add any fertilizer in the soil to avoid burning seedlings. Watering can: Seed germination needs to be kept moist all the time. In order not to disperse the seeds, spray water can be used to replenish water(square nursery pots). Small flower shovel: used for loading and sowing. Label: It is convenient to record the seed name broadcasted.

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