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Cheap Grass Plastic Plug Trays Wholesale Suppliers NZ

The seedlings are short-lived(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), so they are rarely threatened by pests and diseases, but because they are too densely populated and numerous, if there is poor control of the environment or improper management, there will be problems with pests and diseases. Try to cut off the source of the disease through environmental regulation, prevent the occurrence of diseases, and minimize the application of pesticides(wholesale nursery pots). The chemical control should be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of GB 4285 and GB/T 8321, using fast-acting and low-toxic pesticides.

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(cheap grass plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)Seeds, plugs and nursery beds should be disinfected before sowing to prevent soil-borne diseases such as rickets and blight(105 cell seedling trays wholesale), as well as diseases transmitted by seeds. According to the amount of 34g sulfur powder per square meter + 8g sawdust, ignite fumigation, sealed for a day and night. Spray 50% thiophanate-methyl WP 1000 times solution 1-2 times. When using chemical agents for the first time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), you must first do a small-area test to confirm that there is no adverse reaction such as phytotoxicity.

Germination is generally necessary to soak the seeds before germination in the incubator(128 cell seedling trays wholesale), but the soaking time should not be too long. After the test, the cucumber is used for 1-2 hours, and the pepper, eggplant and tomato are suitable for soaking in 3-4 hours (including the water immersion time when the seed is disinfected). The soaked seeds are controlled to remove water, wrapped in a damp cloth, placed in an incubator at 28-30 ° C for 1-5 days(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), until the seeds are germinated and white, so that the seeds can be sown during the germination process.(cheap grass plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)

Winter and spring nursery, the straw curtain on the small shed should be uncovered early(162 cell seed starting trays), and should be uncovered in the rainy days to increase the illumination inside the shed. It can also be supplemented with supplementary fluorescent lights such as agricultural fluorescent lamps, biological effect lamps, and arc lamps. The limitation of the growth space of the upper part and the underground part of the seedling seedlings leads to the growth of the seedlings. The production of the short and strong seedlings is the key to the seedling raising technique(black plastic nursery pots). It is necessary to cool down, ventilate and reduce the supply of fertilizer and water 5-7 days before leaving the room. The number of times is refining.

(cheap grass plastic plug trays wholesale suppliers nz)Control Plutella xylostella, green worm, noctuid(128 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), larvae 10% high-efficiency chlorinated cyanide 3000 times liquid, or wormwood (BT) 500 times liquid, agricultural land 2000 times liquid, 5% taibao 1500 times liquid, 1.8% Verticillin 2000 times solution. 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 3000 times solution. 90% crystal trichlorfon 1000 times solution, or 50% phoxim emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times solution(plastic nursery pots wholesale), or 80% dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times solution, or 2.5% enemy killed emulsifiable concentrate 3000 times solution.

The amount of water sprayed and the number of water sprays depend on the season of seedlings and the size of the seedlings(200 cell seed starting trays). In principle, the water should be replenished when the matrix of the surface is not whitish, and it is not allowed to wait until the surface of the cavity is dry and crusted and then watered. But pay attention to the humidity should not be too large, so as to avoid various diseases. In the actual seedling water supply, we should also pay attention to the following points: it is not suitable for watering on rainy days(plastic nursery pots); the watering time is mainly before noon, and it must not be watered after 3 pm; the seedlings at the edge of the tray should be hydrated.

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