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Cheap Green Plastic Hanging Baskets For Plants

Garlic is a cooking condiment that every family can't live without(plastic nursery pots). It replaces onions and stir-fry to make garlic and garlic. Especially the northerners like garlic very much. Add some garlic at home, in addition to the decoration environment, you can always eat, fresh and healthy, really taste more, let us learn how to raise garlic(18 cell seed starting trays)! Garlic needs plenty of sunshine during the growth process, green friends can put garlic in the On the south balcony.

It should be noted that planting garlic on the balcony can choose potted plants or trough plants(black plastic nursery pots), or you can plant garlic petals directly in clear water, which can be grown all year round. Choose a powerful garlic valve for planting, remove the garlic dish and skin before planting, and then plant it into the water-immersed soil(20 cell seed starting trays), the depth is 3~4cm, the spacing is 5~10cm, to ensure the soil is moist, about a week, garlic it Can germinate.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets for plants)

And the back of each garlic clove should face in the same direction(wholesale nursery pots), so that the growth direction of the leaves after garlic germination is basically the same. Garlic can be placed in the refrigerator's refrigerator and the temperature maintained at about 4 °C. In order to grow garlic, the soil should be kept moist(40 cell seed starting trays). When the surface of the potting soil is slightly dry, the green friend can water it to avoid the decay caused by the impregnation.

(cheap green plastic hanging baskets for plants)In the growing season of garlic stems and leaves(cell trays). For each harvested leaf, the decomposed organic fertilizer was applied once. When planting, pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification, enhance the disease resistance of garlic, and try not to use chemicals. Garlic is the most common cooking ingredient in our daily kitchen(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). After germination, remove the garlic cloves and plant. 

If you want to harvest garlic and garlic(plastic nursery pots wholesale), you can increase the amount of watering when the garlic starts to twitch. In the early harvest, you need to control it. Watering amount. The organic fertilizer is applied to the medium of garlic. When the garlic seedling grows to a height of 5 cm, the green friend can apply it to the nitrogen fertilizer(104 cell seed starting trays). In order to harvest garlic and garlic, it is necessary to strengthen the management of fertilizers and water.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets for plants)

Apply about 1 time of decomposing organic fertilizer every 1 to 2 weeks, and pay attention to supplement phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(seed propagation trays). Diseases commonly encountered in cultured garlic include soybean blight, garlic leaf blight, garlic soft rot, purple spot and garlic stalk. The balcony planting environment is easy to control(105 cell seed starter trays). Everyone mainly takes preventive measures. It is recommended that the green friends choose resistant varieties.

(cheap green plastic hanging baskets for plants)In the garlic growing season, the temperature is low and basically no pests occur(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). When we harvest the stems and leaves of garlic for consumption, the harvested plants should be above 20 cm, leaving those plants that are not high enough to continue to grow. Green friends can also cut plants with a knife on sunny days, leaving 3 to 5 cm on the ground(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Normal management is carried out to promote new garlic seedlings.

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