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Watering after transplanting, but pay attention not to pour too much water in the later stage(square nursery pots), keep the soil moist, the proportion of watering in general sunny days: morning: day: 2:2:1 at night. In order to make more flowers per plant, usually after the slow seedlings, the two pairs of true leaves are relatively large to top the plants to promote their production of more branches(plant pot suppliers), pay attention to the disinfection of the equipment when topping.

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If the field is cultivated at a distance of 10 to 15 cm(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), if it is potted, it is recommended to have one plant per pot. Field planting can be directly irrigated and watered. If the pot is planted, the amount and frequency of watering should be paid attention to. The demand for water in the platycodon is too large, but the high humidity may cause damage to the root system and easily lead to gray mold(bulk plastic planters). Grasp yourself by climate and temperature.

(cheap green plastic hanging baskets manufacturer)Eustoma does not require too much fertilizer to grow, and calcium nitrate is generally used in a lower concentration liquid(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). Excessive nitrogen fertilizer can lead to excessive branching and wavy leaves. In this case, the plant is prone to burning, stem rupture and gray mold. Excessive potassium can cause vertical rupture on the stem(bulk garden pots). Generally speaking, the soil of the newly cultivated eustoma does not require additional potassium fertilizer.

Eustoma grows faster under conditions of high temperature and long daylight(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Be careful not to suddenly reduce watering when hot. When starting flower bud differentiation, you should gradually reduce the watering to avoid plant growth. This method is not suitable for early-born varieties(large nursery containers). Eustoma is sensitive to fungicides, so the concentration of the plant should not be too high to avoid phytotoxicity.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets manufacturer)

Generally speaking, higher temperatures and long days of sunshine help to promote flowering, while excessive water and fertilizer delay flowering(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Some people may like to flower early, but early flowering means insufficient nutrient growth, short plants, and fewer flower buds(propagators for sale). Therefore, in order to avoid early flowering, the premature flower buds can be destroyed, and short days and sunshine can be passed. Cooling treatment to promote plant robustness.

(cheap green plastic hanging baskets manufacturer)Therefore, it can be shaded after 5 pm(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). (Of course, family gardening, depending on your preference) A key issue, after the flowering of the eustoma, if the nutrient consumption is not serious, you can also carry out the cultivation of the second sorghum. If you are willing to take it, you will pick it from the second pair of true leaves after flowering(propagation flats). It is good for water and fertilizer management, and it can be as beautiful as it is after three months.

After transplanting, pay attention to the temperature is not too low, it is recommended not to be lower than 17 degrees(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Low temperature, dryness, insufficient light, excessive nitrogen fertilizer, etc. are likely to cause abortion. In addition to pests and diseases, there are several problems to be noted: If the plant rosette is used during cultivation, gibberellin can be applied as appropriate(4 gallon container), and the concentration should not be too high.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets manufacturer)

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