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Cheap Green Plastic Hanging Baskets Wholesale

In the Sham Shui Po, the fertilizer is easy to lose(nursery plant pots). Therefore, on the one hand, the photosynthesis from the lotus leaves, on the other hand, from the soil, and the original fertilizer in the soil is limited (including the base fertilizer), so it is necessary to topdress in time. The following is a detailed list for your reference(gallon pot). For the first time, when the lobes began to appear, after cultivating and weeding, 750-1000 kg of human manure and urea were applied per acre.

The second top dressing was carried out when the leaves were 5-6 pieces(plastic plant trays wholesale), and about 1000 kilograms of human excrement was applied per acre. However, the third top dressing was carried out at the end of the emergence of the leaves, when the crusting began, called the chasing fat(23cm plastic grow pots). Notes on fertilization of lotus root: Fertilize the lotus root should choose sunny and windless weather, avoiding the noon in the hot sun.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets wholesale)

When applying fertilizer to lotus roots, first mix the fertilizer with the river mud to make a fat mud group and then apply it to the field(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). You can choose to enjoy cherry blossom viewing at famous cherry blossom viewing spots such as Wuhan University and Dali Nanxun Cherry Valley(6.35cm square grow pots). Because the cherry blossoms do not bloom for a long time, the flowering period is in mid-March in the spring, and the roses are placed under the lamp.

As the growth and development of the plant becomes less and less, the manure is re-applied and buried in the mud(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The lotus roots are drained of the field water before each fertilization, so that the fertilizer can be sucked into the water and then re-irrigated to the original depth. The skin provides moisture and has the effect of beauty and beauty(8.89cm square grow pots). Therefore, it is best to buy fresh and ripe strawberries in the period from February to May.

(cheap green plastic hanging baskets wholesale)Liquid fertilizer cannot be applied directly, and solid fertilizer application should be adopted(square grow pots). Each acre of manure and urine fertilizer 1500 kg, cake fertilizer 30-50 kg. Strawberry is a common fruit in peacetime. It contains rich nutrients. Generally, strawberries are grown every time. The mature season is about 2 to 5 months in spring(11.43cm square grow pots). This time is very suitable for picking strawberries. The climate varies from region to region. So there is a certain difference in maturity time.

Xiaobian compiled the three times of fattening time of lotus root in the growing season and the precautions for fertilization of lotus root(large plastic terracotta pots). Strawberries can usually be picked from February to March, and a large number of fruits in 4 to 5 will mature, which may prolong the maturity of the season(11.43cm square nursery pots). Although the maturity of strawberries is from February to May, mature strawberries are sold at this time. However, the best season for the season is about April to May.

The ripening of the strawberry in the season needs to be judged according to the geographical location(cell trays). When is the strawberry season? Usually, if the fruit is sold in January of December, most of the strawberries on the market are After ripening the strawberries, the strawberry in the season will not only reduce the nutritional value, but also make the taste more discounted(heavy duty gallon pot). The climate will gradually dry during this period, and the strawberries can be directly given.(cheap green plastic hanging baskets wholesale)

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