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Cheap Greenhouse 1 Gallon Nursery Pots For Sale

On the finished seedbed, the row spacing is 10 cm, and a small shallow groove with a width of 10 cm and a depth of about 1.6 cm is opened(gallon plant pot). Amaranth, alias Fengben, grass stalactite, lazy dish, longevity, flat vegetables, etc., are the vegetables that our people love to eat, and one of the most widely cultivated vegetables in China(seed starter trays). The following is a description of the planting techniques of leeks in the greenhouse: ready-to-use seedings can be used for live seeding (spring-based).(cheap greenhouse 1 gallon nursery pots for sale)

Open field seedling transplanting 1.5-2 kg(cell trays). It can also be soaked in warm water at 30-40 °C for 8-12 hours. Wash the mucus on the seeds, wrap them in a damp cloth, germination in a 15-20 °C environment, rinse 1-2 times a day with water, 50% of the seeds. Sowing when the white tip is sharp (mainly in summer and autumn). Site preparation: Before sowing, the soil is deeply ploughed to 20 cm or less(wholesale greenhouse pots), combined with fertilization, finely ploughed after ploughing, leveling and simmering.

The leaves, calyx and flowers of leek are used as vegetables for consumption, and seeds can be used as medicine(plug trays). Where there are conditions, it can be cultivated in high ridges for drainage and cultivation. There are also "dry broadcast methods". The dry sowing method uses live seeds without germination to be broadcasted to the seedbed(32 cell plant trays bulk). Planting time: Spring sowing seedlings should be planted after the summer solstice, and summer seedlings should be planted before and after the summer heat.

(cheap greenhouse 1 gallon nursery pots for sale)Fertilization: Watering should be stopped(gallon nursery pots), combined with land preparation, 5000-6000 kg of high-quality decomposed organic fertilizer, 6 kg of urea, 10 kg of superphosphate or a compound fertilizer converted according to this ratio. Sowing time: After the soil is thawed, it can be planted at any time until the autumnal season(flat plastic tray). Generally, it is suitable for planting in spring from late March to early May, and summer sowing should be early. Seeding rate: 4-5 kg per acre.

After the water has been infiltrated, the seeds are evenly sprinkled, and then the soil is covered with about 1.5 cm(propagation tray). The next day, the teeth are flattened to keep the topsoil loose and moist, which is beneficial to the germination of the seeds. After sowing, cover the mulch with the mulch film. After more than 30% of the seeds are emerged, the mulch film should be removed in time to prevent the seedlings from being burnt(greenhouse supplies pots). If it is found to be white, it is necessary to make up some moist soil.

The amaranth seedlings(black plastic plant pots), the amaranth adaptability, cold and heat resistance, cultivated everywhere in the country. The seeds are sprinkled into the ditch, and then the broom is gently flattened and compacted with a broom, and then water is poured. , then water again after 2-3 days. Watering and topdressing: combined with watering to apply quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer 2-3 times, 6-8 kg of urea per acre, generally not harvested before planting(plastic grow pots), to promote seedling rooting, to achieve strong seedling standards when planting.

(cheap greenhouse 1 gallon nursery pots for sale)Strong seedling standards: the general seedling age is 80-90 days(square nursery pots), there is no pest and disease in a single plant, no lodging phenomenon. Weeding: Manually pull the grass after emergence to remove the sick plants. It can also be used to control monocotyledonous weeds such as quizalofop, grass, and other herbicides, or use 30% of weeding emulsifiable concentrate per 100-150 grams per acre before sowing(200 cell plant trays bulk), and spray 50 kg with water.

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