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Cheap Greenhouse Plant Trays Wholesale Suppliers Chile

Prepare the peas for germination, cut off the dried moth-eaten peas, wash the remaining peas, and then soak them in warm water(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). The water level is below the seed level. Wait until you see most of the peas are budding, you can wash them with clean water, ready to grow seedlings. Prepare a seedling tray. It's more casual(wholesale nursery pots). You can use whatever you have in your family. Then lay a sheet of paper on the bottom and wet it with water. Spread the sprouted peas on the paper.

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(cheap greenhouse plant trays wholesale suppliers chile)Because peas are large and easy to lose water(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), so we need to cover the peas with another layer of paper and spray the paper wet. Spray water every day to keep the peas moist. When the peas grow to two or three centimeters, they can slowly touch the light. Ten days or so, the pea seedlings can be harvested. When harvested, only the pea seedlings above can be reduced(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The root system below can continue to grow into pea seedlings, which can harvest two or three stubbles at a time.

The next step is similar to what we have described above(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). Soak the seeds of Toona sinensis in hot water of about 50 degrees for 5 minutes. When the water temperature gets cooler, continue to soak. About one day is enough. Spread the seeds evenly into the seedling tray. Wet the seedling tray and the seeds with a spray pot, but do not accumulate water(plug trays wholesale). Then cover the seeds with a layer of wet paper or gauze, or wrap the seedling tray in a plastic bag to keep them moist.(cheap greenhouse plant trays wholesale suppliers chile)

Spray water every day with a sprinkler. The sprinkler must be sprayed thoroughly, otherwise the seedlings will easily die(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). After the seedlings grow, they can gradually increase the light. When the seedlings grow true leaves, they can be harvested. Toona sinensis seedlings can be cooked, fried and salted. They can be eaten in a variety of ways, with rich fragrance and delicious nutrition. Wheat germination can be accelerated by soaking in cold water for 6 to 10 hours(black plastic nursery pots). Find a tray with holes at the bottom. Lay a layer of paper on the bottom of the tray and wet it with water.

Spread the wheat seeds on the tray and put them in the shade(bulk 10 gallon pots). Pay attention to the temperature, so as not to rot the seeds. Then you can lay a layer of paper on the wheat seeds and spray them with water to wet them. Every day after that, spray water to keep wet. In a few days, wheat germinates. When the wheat grows to ten centimeters, it can be cut and used, and the rest can be maintained and harvested(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Wheat seedlings can be juiced and drinkable, providing the body with major vitamins and minerals.

(cheap greenhouse plant trays wholesale suppliers chile)Bean sprout machine, sprout dish (plastic sieve with leaky water in kitchen at home) or seedling tray, rice paper or gauze(bulk 14 gallon pots), small spray pot. When changing pots, we must pay attention to pruning roots. If there are old roots and rotten roots on them, we must cut them off, leaving only new roots. After planting, we should pay attention to certain watering, and need to be watered thoroughly, the amount of water can not be too little(plastic nursery pots), can not be watered half-truncated water, to ensure that water can flow from the hole below.

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