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Cheap Greenhouse Planting Pots In Bulk

Recently, many kinds of greenhouse peppers have small round(15 cell propagation trays wholesale), oily spots on the back of the leaves, yellow veins, and some become yellowish brown. The disease is mainly harmful to the leaves, initially producing oily yellowish brown dots(small plastic plant pots), which become brown or dark brown to rust color when enlarged.

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(cheap greenhouse planting pots in bulk)Sometimes the front of the leaves will have yellow veins and leaves. When the conditions are right, the field is very popular(21 cell propagation trays wholesale). Severe can cause a lot of fallen leaves. The boundary of the lesion is obvious, or soaking seeds of 20-30 minutes of 1% hydrochloric acid solution, which is the difference from the scab. Seed treatment.

The pathogen of the disease is a Pseudomonas syringae bacterium of the genus Pseudomonas(plastic nursery pots for sale). The bacteria can overwinter on the seeds and on the sick, and the fields are spread by wind or rain or irrigation water. The infection is very fast. What is the disease? Let me introduce you in detail: the back of the greenhouse pepper leaves Onset, infection is very fast, this is the bacterial leaf spot of pepper.

Control measures: 2-3 years of rotation with non-solanaceae and cruciferous crops(32 cell propagation trays wholesale). Seed dressing with Garignon WP of 0.3%-0.4% of seed weight; germination after washing. The diseased leaves are removed in time, and the diseased bodies are completely removed after harvesting(plastic potting containers), brought to the field for centralized treatment, and the land is turned over in time.

(cheap greenhouse planting pots in bulk)The incidence of continuous cropping is heavy, and the incidence of continuous cropping with cruciferous is also heavy(50 cell propagation trays wholesale). Bacteria mainly invade from leaf wounds, and the pathogens develop at a suitable temperature of 25 ° C to 28 ° C. Timely weeding: For field plots with more weeds in the field, herbicides should be applied at minimum temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius to prevent freezing damage.

Features Cultivating soil and roots: Grouting the mud in the roots of rapeseed can prevent freezing and warming, improve the lodging resistance(decorative plastic plant pots), and also play a role in grass pressing. 5-10 kg of urea per mu is applied. The greenhouse pays attention to moisture, so as to prevent the winter and spring rain and snow from causing water accumulation in the field. Clean the countryside.

Early pest control. In particular, thrips, whitefly, spotted fly, etc., to reduce bacterial invasion of wounds(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). In the early stage of the disease, 77-500 times of wettable powder is used, 400-500 times of agricultural streptomycin or neomycin oxytetracycline, and 47% of ruthenium WP can be sprayed once every 7-10 days. 2-3 times. (Note that the liquid must be evenly covered on the front and back of the blade to achieve good results.)

(cheap greenhouse planting pots in bulk)Today, temperatures will continue to fall, and rapeseed is vulnerable to freezing(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). At present, the management of rapeseed needs to do the following two things: clean the ditch system: use the shovel to copy the sludge deposited at the bottom of the ditch, and deepen the drainage ditch in the field(cheap large plastic plant pots), promoting root growth and enhancing absorption.

Follow the application of wax fertilizer: apply about 20 kilograms of NPK compound fertilizer per root in the roots to prevent the plant from being green and improve cold resistance(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). Early chasing the moss: In the first half of February, the rapeseed can be applied to the moss as appropriate: the mossy green can be applied less, and the mossy purple should be applied more appropriately(plastic garden pots wholesale). 

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