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Cheap Greenhouse Plastic Grower Pots For Sale

It is the season of growing carrots every year, and the cultivation techniques are absolutely mature(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Carrots are cold and suitable for temperatures that are too high or too low, which can affect the development and coloration of fleshy roots. Especially in summer, too high temperature not only makes the meat roots dysplasia(plastic plant trays wholesale), but when the temperature is higher than 21 degrees, the formation of carotene in the sputum, the color becomes lighter.

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The variety is required to be highly adaptable, especially with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong disease resistance and high yield(gallon pot). The varieties cultivated in the north include Xi'an carrot, Anyang carrot, Beijing whip red, red heart, red head, and pheasant red. In order to ensure the quality of carrots(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price), it is recommended to plant on loam or sandy loam with high topography, good drainage, deep soil layer, loose texture and high organic matter content.

(cheap greenhouse plastic grower pots for sale)The northern summer and autumn carrots should be planted in the middle and late July, and no later than the autumn(nursery plant pots). For example, when planting on a soil with a heavy texture, or when planting a certain amount of grass ash. Spray once a day, even spray for 3 to 4 days, which is good for the emergence of carrot seeds(104 cell seed starting trays). In areas with sufficient light, shade nets can also be used after sowing, requiring the shade net to be about 1 meter from the ground.

In autumn, the cultivation is generally selected from 90 to 110 days(cell trays). Therefore, it is best to carry out summer sowing in the northern carrot cultivation, harvesting in late autumn and early winter. Soak seeds in cold water for 3 to 4 hours, drain and put them into a cotton bag. Moisturize and germination at 25 degrees(105 cell seed starter trays). The autumn planting carrots are seeded at the high temperature and dry season. The seedling rate is lower than that in the spring. 

After the harvest, the land will be turned over in real time, and the depth is 25~30 cm(large plastic terracotta pots). The combined land preparation can apply 3000~5000 kg of decomposed organic fertilizer per mu, 30 kg of diammonium phosphate and 15 kg of potassium sulfate. The ground is made of sorghum, usually made of small sorghum, 60-80 cm wide, 10-15 cm high, and the furrow is 20 cm wide. It is planted in sorghum deep ditch(seedling trays wholesale). For ridges with slightly poor drainage and thicker soil texture, high ridge cultivation can be implemented.(cheap greenhouse plastic grower pots for sale)

In order to increase the amount of farmyard manure(square grow pots), autumn-planted carrots are broadcasted by dry seeds, but in order to increase the emergence rate, soaking seeds and germination can also be used. When 10% to 20% of the seeds are white, they can be sown(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). It is immersed in cold water every 12 hours during germination to increase the oxygen in the bag and avoid the formation of harmful substances such as organic acids and microorganisms.

Generally, when planting, the ditch is divided by 15 cm line spacing, the ditch is 1~2 cm deep, water is first poured, then seeded and covered(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The temperature is not suitable for the germination and seedling development of carrot seeds. Therefore, the seeding rate should be properly increased, and the seed amount per mu should be 1.2~1.5 kg(200 cell seed starter trays). When the seed is about to emerge, remove the cover and then spray the face with a sprayer.(cheap greenhouse plastic grower pots for sale)

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