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Cheap Greenhouse Plastic Seedling Tray For Sale Spain

Alkaline fertilizer should be used in acid soil, and nitrate fertilizer is better(plastic seedling trays). In cold climate areas, the decomposition of organic matter is slow, and the maturity of organic fertilizer can be higher, but do not over mature, so as to avoid the loss of ammonia(20cm plastic grow pots). Due to less precipitation, less leaching of inorganic nutrients, the times of top dressing can be less than the above situation, and the amount of each time can be increased appropriately.

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The amount of N, P and K absorbed by seedlings is mostly n > k > P. although the amount of P needed by seedlings is less, the effect of P on the quality of seedlings is greater(plug flats wholesale). The effect of the combination of nitrogen and phosphorus is the best, which is much better than that of the single application of ammonia or phosphorus(23cm plastic grow pots). Many coniferous trees, Fagaceae trees, paiwoody trees and elms all have mycorrhizal fungi.(cheap greenhouse plastic seedling tray for sale spain)

Peisu often plays an important role in the quality of seedlings, but the effect of potassium is less(plastic succulent pots). When applying organic fertilizer, it is better to use semi mature organic fertilizer: more times of top dressing, less amount of each time. The seedlings without phosphorus are the worst in height, coarseness, weight and number of branches, followed by the seedlings without nitrogen(seed starting trays wholesale). Some coniferous species are especially obvious.

For example, when applying nitrogen and phosphorus to Platycladus orientalis Seedlings(nursery pots canada), the content of nitrogen in the leaves is high, and the decrease is slow in the late stage of rapid growth, and the concentration of more than 2% necessary for the normal growth of seedlings is maintained throughout the year(heavy duty gallon pot). The nitrogen content in the leaves of Platycladus orientalis Seedlings Treated with ammonia was lower than 2% at the end of August.

(cheap greenhouse plastic seedling tray for sale spain)This kind of soil is lack of organic matter, poor ventilation and fertility decline, and it will become barren land(1.5 gallon plant pot). Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the main nutrient elements indispensable for the growth of seedlings. If they are insufficient, the quality and yield of seedlings will be seriously reduced. The forest seedling land is no exception(heavy duty plant pots). It should be mainly organic fertilizer, which should be used in combination with inorganic fertilizer.

For example, Japanese foresters used Larch Seedlings and Cryptomeria seedlings to carry out sand culture experiments(6 inch plastic nursery pots). The results showed that phosphorus and nitrogen had the greatest influence on the growth of the seedlings of the two species. In acid soil, phosphorus is more easily fixed by the soil, and elements such as potassium, calcium and iron oxide are easily lost(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). Especially the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus is significant.

Although the growth of the seedlings without potassium is not as good as that of the whole of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the effect is much smaller than that of ammonia and phosphorus(cheap nursery pots). Therefore, calcium iron phosphate fertilizer, phosphate rock powder and other phosphate fertilizer as well as plant ash, soluble potassium salt or lime should be applied(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). The quality index and yield of qualified seedlings were high.(cheap greenhouse plastic seedling tray for sale spain)

Combined fertilization refers to the application of different fertilizers at different times according to the proportion of different elements(greenhouse pots). There are many factors that affect the amount of fertilizer, so the main factors should be taken as the basis when determining the amount of fertilizer(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). When seedlings are raised on the soil with few mycorrhizal fungi or aseptic fungi, they need to be inoculated so that the seedlings can grow well.

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