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Lack of any one of these elements will cause the metabolic disorder of corn and affect the whole growth and development process(v11 nursery pots). Understanding the effects of mineral nutrients on maize growth and development and movement patterns can provide a scientific basis for rational fertilization. Protein is one of the main constituents of organisms(105 cell trays bulk). Therefore, iron can affect the absorption of nutrients by affecting the respiration of plants.

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In the plant, it is an activator of many enzymes and is attached to the protoplasm in the ionic state(v12 nursery pots). Phosphorus is sufficient to promote the continuous meristematic proliferation of cells; in particular, it has a more significant effect on the division and growth of root tip cells and the proliferation of young cells(162 cell trays bulk). Without the participation of phosphorus, sugar metabolism will be inhibited, thus affecting the progress of photosynthesis.(cheap heavy duty nursery pots manufacturers china)

Nitrogen has very important significance in the whole physiological process of corn growth and development(4x8 grow tray). Cytochrome oxidase, catalase, and peroxidase, which are indispensable for aerobic respiration of plants, all contain iron. In addition, in the process of photosynthesis and the reduction of nitric acid and nitrous acid, ferredoxin, which plays a role in electron transfer, is also a ferric enzyme(98 cell plug trays). They have different physiological roles in the growth and development of corn.

(cheap heavy duty nursery pots manufacturers china)The most obvious symptom is that the leaf tip begins to turn yellow, and then extends wedge-shaped along the vein to the base, and finally the entire leaf withers and dies(2 gallon flower pot). When there is a lack of nitrogen in the soil, the nitrogen in the old leaves of the lower part of the corn plant will be transported to the young leaves for growth(200 cell trays bulk). Potassium is almost completely ionic in the plant, and it is mainly concentrated in the young organs.

Therefore, the symptoms of nitrogen deficiency first appear on the old leaves(2x4 grow tray). If nitrogen is deficient for a long time, it will cause malnutrition, resulting in short plants, slow growth, delayed tasseling, dysplasia of female ears, and easy to produce empty stalks or thin ears and reduce production Tu phosphorus is an important component of nuclear protein(polystyrene plug plant trays). For example, phosphoglyceric acid is the initial product of photosynthesis, and thus enhance the early resistance of corn.

It consists of amino acids, and nitrogen is an important component of amino acids(5 inch plastic flower pots). Therefore, phosphorus contributes to the growth and development of the root system at the seedling stage. At the same time, phosphorus can also increase the viscosity, heat resistance and water retention capacity of the cell protoplasm(112 cell trays bulk), reduce the transpiration strength of corn at high temperature. Phosphorus is more important in the nutritional metabolism of corn.(cheap heavy duty nursery pots manufacturers china)

Vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B in the metabolism of carbohydrates. (Pyritol) can form coenzymes, flavozymes and pyridoxal phosphate when combined with phosphorus(deep plant trays). These substances all play the role of biocatalyst in the metabolism of carbohydrates, directly affecting the metabolism of grade element. Therefore, phosphorus nutrition and ammonia nutrition have a close relationship(shallow germination trays). If phosphorus is deficient, protein metabolism will also be destroyed.

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