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Cheap Heavy Duty Nursery Pots Wholesale

Many owners with independent roofs or living on the top floor would like to have a separate garden, and the roof is the best choice(128 cell seed starter trays). What are the precautions for the roof garden? Let Xiaobian give you a brief introduction to the roof garden today. What are the precautions for the construction? For owners who want to build a garden on the roof(cell seed trays), the most important consideration for safety considerations is the load-bearing capacity, if the roof has a small load-bearing capacity.

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(cheap heavy duty nursery pots wholesale)Can plant low shrubs or creeping plants, for example, can grow ivy, wisteria and so on(seed plug trays wholesale). If you are a house with better bearing capacity, you can carefully create the garden you want, and you can create an open garden according to the layout of the garden(wholesale greenhouse pots). However, when building a garden on the roof, in order to ensure safety, we should follow the principle of building construction facilities such as building less or not.

The plants to be planted also need to pay attention to the choice(32 cell seed starting trays). Planting plants that adapt to the climatic conditions should not be planted. Do not plant yin plants. After all, the roof is more abundant and the temperature difference is the biggest. If you are planting flowers on the roof, it is best to build a flower shed. The flower shed can allow the flowers to avoid sun and rain under the condition of sufficient light(propagation tray). The material of the flower shed should be light and light. Flowers are best chosen to be cold and heat resistant, such as chrysanthemums.

The roof garden is open to the public and can be used as a leisure place to discharge some tables and chairs for people to rest on the roof(105 cell seed starting trays). The choice of tables and chairs should take into account the problem of moisture or too much sunlight, and the deformation of the tables and chairs, so do not place solid wood tables and chairs. It is also possible to install a large parasol on the roof so that it can rest on the roof even in the presence of sunlight(plug trays). Drainage of the roof is very important, especially for flat roofs, and drainage is not particularly desirable.

(cheap heavy duty nursery pots wholesale)Therefore, it is necessary to consider the drain port and the drain pipe in advance(50 cell seed starting trays). The requirements of soil for flowers and plants are different. The soil required for general grass is about 16cm, the shrub needs about 40cm, and the deepest tree is needed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It needs about 80cm. For households with good load-bearing capacity, the tree has a higher center of gravity when the trees are planted on the roof. After planting on the roof, its stability will become worse.

Therefore, if the trees are planted(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), it is necessary to add protection to protect the trees from being stable in the wind and rain. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the safety problems caused by falling objects, so it is very important to strengthen the protection. Mimosa is a plant that many people like very much when they were young(seed starting trays). If you gently touch it, the leaves will slowly close, like a shy girl, so beautiful, giving people a weak and beautiful impression, especially fascinating.(cheap heavy duty nursery pots wholesale)

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