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Cheap Heavy Duty Plastic Planters Suppliers USA

There are many diseases in the stubble field(10 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Cayenne pepper growers pay attention. In this way, be careful not to cause too much damage to the root system of the mother plant when digging, so as to avoid the growth and development of the mother plant of shadow mouth disease and reduce the subsequent germination(plastic garden plant pots). In addition, ramets can be propagated in combination with nursery work. 

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On the premise that there is no effect on the quality of nursery seedlings(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), a small number of tillers with roots can be cut from the nursery seedlings for plant cultivation, which is also a form of ramets propagation. Over the years, pepper growers have had a headache(fabric planter bags australia). After a few days, the pepper wound will heal, which is more effective than using some pesticides. The bad melon, keep its strong melon.(cheap heavy duty plastic planters suppliers usa)

During the process of growing peppers, did you find that some diseases are often infected at the base of the stems of peppers(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale)? For example, common diseases on peppers, base rot of peppers, pepper blight, pepper soft rot, etc. Moreover, once these pepper diseases occur, it is difficult for growers to prevent and control(garden planters wholesale), and it is easy to cause the death of pepper, which is extremely harmful to the production of pepper.

(cheap heavy duty plastic planters suppliers usa)The grower can directly use a knife to gently scrape off the rotted parts, until the rotted parts are exposed to green parts, and then the grower is coated with quicklime. it is good(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The last plant residues may not only carry a large number of pathogens, such as spores of anthracnose, leaf spot, etc., but also contain self-toxic substances that are harmful to the root development of the same kind of vegetables(72 cell plug trays).

After picking the stubble vegetables and pulling out the garden(128 cell trays bulk), we must clean up the fields in a timely and comprehensive manner, and clean up the fallen leaves and roots as much as possible to reduce plant residues and avoid their harm. In addition, for some base fertilizers that have been adjusted from the base of pepper stems(plastic ground cover for weeds), we must first pay attention to adjusting the fertilizer ratio to avoid partial fertilizer application.(cheap heavy duty plastic planters suppliers usa)

Before turning the ground, apply 3 to 5 cubic meters of fermented chicken manure and pig manure per acre(72 cell plug trays supplier), 100 kg of high-quality high-potassium compound fertilizer, and 50 kg of superphosphate. In addition, 2 kg of zinc sulfate, 1 kg of boric acid or borax, and 150 g of ammonium molybdate can be used per mu(long life propagation trays). Secondly, we must pay attention to the use of biological bacterial fertilizer, etc., to improve plant disease resistance.

(cheap heavy duty plastic planters suppliers usa)To solve the problem of repeated cropping, it can be mixed into a solution(sureroot plug trays bulk), sprayed on the ground before turning over the ground, and turning into the soil. Therefore, when two female flowers bloom on a vine at the same time, one flower should be removed, and the female flower with large ovary and regular shape and thick flower stalks should be selected(decorative plastic planters). The two flowers can also be formed into small melons and then removed.

One of the important reasons is that a large number of pathogens remain in the soil of the previous crops(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Once the beans are encountered during the growth of the beans, it is easy to cause the pathogens to enter and infect the disease. The use of pesticide prevention is the main measure currently adopted(fabric bag manufacturer), such as the application of carbendazim, DT, etc. during planting to prevent disease at the seedling stage.

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