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Pelleted seeds and coated seeds do not need to be soaked, and they are directly broadcast(plastic nursery pots). Some vegetable seeds with larger seed particles can be soaked, such as okra seeds. Okra soaking method: soak the seeds with warm water of 20-25 °C for 24 hours before sowing, and then plant them for about 7-10 days. The nutrient soil is covered with nursery pots, the soil surface is level with the pot surface(4 cell trays bulk), the soil is wetted, and the water is completely infiltrated. Dip the seeds with a wet toothpick into the center of the tray, one by one.

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(cheap heavy duty plug trays wholesale supplier)Place the seedling tray in the semi-shade(plastic nursery pots wholesale), avoid drought and avoid exposure to avoid sudden low temperatures to avoid sudden high temperatures to avoid rain, just fine. No store can guarantee that each grain will sprout, and the rate of sprouting of different plants is high or low. In addition to the reasons of the seed itself, the sowing environment will also affect the rate of emergence. The ten grains of eight grains are already small in model emergence(6 cell trays bulk). The pacesetter, but also came over and asked for the sale after the letter is not believed, I am crying, I will show you?

Can be spread in the open field or use a larger diameter flower pot (meaning direct seeding) without the use of a tray(wholesale nursery pots). Choose a well-drained, sunny place, first flatten the soil, weeds are removed, the seeds are evenly sprinkled on the surface of the soil, not stacked on each other, gently covered with a layer of thin soil about 0.5 cm thick, covered with soil and poured Foot water, the action needs to be gentle and elegant(8 cell trays bulk). After that, water is poured every 1~2 days to keep the soil moist and wait for budding.(cheap heavy duty plug trays wholesale supplier)

After three or four days(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), change the water every other day to keep the soil moist, the light is slowly strengthened, and the moisture in the growing season is dry and wet. After the germination, the water is dry and wet. It is better to use the tray to sow, the weeds are cleaned, one hole and one grain. It grows to 2~3 pairs of true leaves, and 6-8 pieces start the first topping and topping(12 cell trays bulk), dwarf type, the base part of the branch is good without topping, the growth period is sunny, the potting soil is loose and fertile.

In the winter of Tongliao, the cold wind swept away, and 100 excavators and bulldozers were working on the base at the same time(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In order to avoid the construction season and reduce the cost of machinery rental, he chose to level the land in winter. Paddy fields require horizontal land to be evenly irrigated. Based on the previous construction experience, he modified the laser precision grader to the scraper used in the expressway(18 cell trays bulk). The new all-laser grader can be used for 70 mu per day and the cost of the preparation is reduced by 80%.

(cheap heavy duty plug trays wholesale supplier)The automatic grader can only organize 40 acres of sand a day, and how to improve efficiency(black plastic nursery pots). The desert can't retain moisture, and it is covered with sand under 1 meter. In order to improve the service life of the film, the improved film can withstand the weight of 7 bricks compared with the tensile properties of the general film, and the general film has a bearing capacity of less than 5 bricks(36 cell trays bulk). The seedling period begins in May each year, and the rice seedling variety used in the rice seedling variety was used.

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