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Cheap Heavy Duty Propagation Trays Manufacturer

Generally, one hand holds the stem close to the surface of the pot soil, and the other hand gently taps the flowerpot, so as to take all the meat out of the pot(plastic nursery pots). Gently pinch the soil on the root system with your hand to expose the fleshy root system. Find a pair of sterilized scissors to repair the root of the succulent(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Cut off all the old roots, weak roots, fine roots, etc. then soak the succulent root in the solution of carbendazim for 20 minutes, and take it out for drying.

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In order to make water and air permeable, we need to mix some sand and other particles at the time of soil mixing(plug trays). Generally, we need to use the proportion of peat soil, sand and particles of 1:1:1. If change the pore of basin to compare big, everybody can pad a layer of gauze or gauze window net in basin bottom, avoid leakage of soil(72 cell seed trays wholesale), lay a layer of ceramsite or coal slag of big grain again next, achieve the purpose that pervious water is ventilated.(cheap heavy duty propagation trays manufacturer)

When changing pots, after cleaning, no matter it is herbaceous flowers or woody flowers, any flowers should be watered once after changing pots(black plastic nursery pots), which is the so-called root fixing water until there is water flowing out from the bottom of the pot. After pouring the root water, move the flowerpot to a cool and windy place to slow down the seedlings for about 1 week, so that the roots can slightly adapt to the new soil(seed planting trays wholesale). The fertilizer is strong and gentle, and will not hurt the root. Don't let the happy tree blow cold wind. It's rainy season now. 

(cheap heavy duty propagation trays manufacturer)Apply some sauce dregs or bean cake fertilizer(cell trays). Move it away when the weather changes. For indoor potted plants, this is due to the indoor light, too dim, and poor ventilation. If it is not in the cold winter, it can be moved to the balcony, so that it can be ventilated to see the light, and new leaves can be quickly extracted(18 cell plug trays supplier). If the sign of withered leaves is found after changing basin, it can also be covered with a plastic bag for heat preservation and moisture preservation.

Therefore, in winter, it should be placed in front of the well lit south facing balcony or floor to ceiling window(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). Generally speaking, it can grow healthily only in what kind of environment because of its origin. Then, if you want to make it play its value, you'd better water the flowers with tea instead of pouring tea into the flowerpot(20 cell plug trays supplier). No matter from the moral or ornamental point of view, potted happiness tree is home One of the most important green plants in potted plants.(cheap heavy duty propagation trays manufacturer)

Then put the configured nutrient soil in the flowerpot, put 2 / 3 of it first, put the fleshy soil in the flowerpot, fill the soil slowly towards the flowerpot(wholesale nursery pots), and finally compact the soil around the root system, and pour it once to make it permeable. Then in spring, when the fleshy start to rub against the long time, we have to prepare for a new home for it(40 cell plug trays supplier)! Turn the fleshy pot that needs to be changed upside down and shake off all the earth. Happiness is just a kind of contentment that can be felt.

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