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Cheap Hydroponic Farming Tray Wholesale Supplier

It is especially suitable for indoor beautification and decoration(6.3inch plastic plant pots). It is often used to beautify the living room and study. It is also suitable to be arranged on both sides of the hall and the center of the hall of a large building. It is magnificent. Its thick leaves can show the tropical style, and can absorb cigarette exhaust gas(3 gallon pots bulk). It is a very good indoor purification green plant. Rubber leaves are bright green and are famous foliage plants.

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Rubber tree is an evergreen tree of mulberry family(6.5inch plastic plant pots). Many families will plant one or two pots and put them beside the living room or the gate, which are very good decorative materials. But if the rubber tree leaves, these functions will be greatly reduced, but also affect the beauty. When the leaves of the rubber tree fall, a large number of abnormal leaves appear(large plastic plant pots for sale), mainly due to the soil and water reasons, which is related to the usual maintenance methods.

(cheap hydroponic farming tray wholesale supplier)To sum up the reasons, the most common case of rubber trees falling leaves is the low temperature, especially in winter(7.48inch plastic plant pots), when the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, rubber trees will start to fall leaves, at this time, it is necessary to move the rubber trees to indoor or other places with higher temperature, but pay attention to the sun(7 gallon pots wholesale). Rubber trees like high temperature and humidity, and they like sunny places. Their suitable growth temperature is 20-25 ℃.

It can also withstand shade, but not cold(7.88inch plastic plant pots). The amount of phosphate fertilizer is generally 20-25kg per mu of superphosphate or calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer. As long as the following four main aspects are concerned, there will be no big problem. If it is used as topdressing, it should be applied before 5 leaf stage(nursery containers for sale). Sometimes we will encounter the leaves of the rubber tree in our home fall out, but we don't know how to save them.(cheap hydroponic farming tray wholesale supplier)

A pot of rubber tree can effectively absorb waste gas in the house(9.06inch plastic plant pots). Rubber tree is a sun loving plant. It needs to be placed in a sunny place. In winter, it's better to have full sun. If it's placed in a dark place, it's easy for rubber tree to lose its leaves if it can't get sunlight. Rubber trees must be watered frequently during the growing period. In the hot summer season(3 gallon pots wholesale), due to the large evaporation, it is not only necessary to water from the roots, but also from the leaves.

(cheap hydroponic farming tray wholesale supplier)The potted soil for planting rubber trees is easy to rot when it is too wet(2.5inch square nursery pots). When the potted soil is dry, watering it too often or not for a long time will cause the rubber trees to lose their leaves. Rubber trees sometimes suffer from insect damage. Red spiders in leaves and scale insects in branches and leaves will lose their leaves(gallon flower pots). Therefore, if there is a problem of insect damage, we should check it and deal with it in time.

 If there is a serious lack of phosphorus or a large amount of nitrogen, more phosphorus should be applied(3.5inch square nursery pots). The root system of rape has a special ability to absorb phosphorus. Generally, the phosphate fertilizer which is difficult to be used by crops has a good fertilizer effect on rape(half gallon planting pots). Therefore, when rape is planted on acid soil, the phosphate mineral powder can be applied as a kind of slow effect phosphate fertilizer.(cheap hydroponic farming tray wholesale supplier)

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