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Bean sprouts are our common bean vegetables, with green bean sprouts and yellow bean sprouts(nursery plant pots). However, farmers who cultivate bean sprouts also know that there are cases of sprouting sprouts in the process of cultivation. They must be strictly disinfected before use. The sprouts of bean sprouts are mainly caused by infection by germs(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). What are the reasons? How to prevent it? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

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Generally, containers and utensils containing bean sprouts are not strictly disinfected(seed starter trays). Watering is not timely and the water quality is not clean. Air pollution. Choose the seeds with full granules, carefully remove the diseased grains, glutinous grains, tender grains, and broken grains before soaking seeds(seed starting trays). It was then washed with 0.5% bleach solution and 5% lime water. It can also be scalded with hot water to help disinfect the surface of the bean.(cheap injection molded nursery containers manufacturer)

In addition to keeping the cleaning, the production containers and utensils can be cleaned and disinfected with 0.5% bleach or 5% alum solution(flat plastic tray). 40 watts of UV germicidal lamps should be installed in the factory. The growth temperature of bean sprouts is 20-25 °C. During the production process, the room temperature must be adjusted to this temperature(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale), so that the bean sprouts grow rapidly at a suitable temperature and reduce the occurrence of rotten buds.

The general principle is that it can be used after being diluted after being bought(square nursery pots). The reason for the sprouting of bean sprouts: the bean seeds themselves have pathogenic bacteria. At the same time, it can promote the enzyme activity of bean seeds, increase the germination rate and reduce the incidence rate(plastic nursery pots wholesale). It can also be burned several times with a torch to kill the attached pathogens. The water should be dosed regularly, and rinsed once every 4-6 hours, so that the waste of the bean sprouts is washed away with the water. 

(cheap injection molded nursery containers manufacturer)Unused pond water and large river water are strictly prohibited(plastic grow pots). Because well water and stream water are not polluted, combined with warm winter and cool summer, it plays a very good role in regulating bean sprout growth and preventing over-temperature of bean sprouts. In the early stage of bean sprouts, a small packet of "8503" is sprayed with 2 to 5 kilograms of water, and sprayed every 4 hours to inhibit the spread of germs(propagation tray). Generally, the temperature of bean sprouts is too high or too low.

Pruning method of rich bamboo: In many areas in China(black plastic plant pots), there are cultivated cabbages in the present, so in the cabbage whitening period, it is necessary to maintain a uniform supply of water, and the careful basin friends may You will find that you can apply compound fertilizer once a month in spring and autumn(9cm plastic grow pots). In the Chinese cabbage period, a manual assisted wrapping method can be used, and the unintentional cabbage can be tied together with a rope.(cheap injection molded nursery containers manufacturer)

Common advice is to use well water or brook water(greenhouse supplies pots). Cabbage is a very common vegetable, and people's daily table is often inseparable from the various ways of eating cabbage. Fuguizhu is also called Wanshouzhu. It is generally hot and humid in summer. The rainfall is relatively large and frequent. It does not pay attention to the application of other fertilizers and shortens the growth cycle(90mm plastic grow pots). Therefore, it is common to use 200 times of EJ-2 disinfectant to spray.

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