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Cheap Injection Molded Plant Pots Suppliers In China

The suitable soil condition for broad bean growth is clay loam, which is slightly alkaline and fertile, with deep soil layer, and the pH value of soil is 6.2-8(growing flats). In the flowering and pod setting stage, the growth and development is fast, and the absorption of nutrients is the most. It takes about 100 kg topsoil to plant 1 mu of fava beans(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). To plant 1 mu of broad beans, it needs 15-20 root nodules on broad beans. 

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In order to ensure the sufficient supply of nutrients for flowering and pod setting and full seeds(plastic gallon pots), the root system of broad bean is relatively developed, deeper into the soil, and the formation of root nodules is early. Before sowing, fine soil preparation can make the soil soft(bulk 14 gallon pots), expand beneficial root system and form root nodule. Inoculation of rhizobia can be carried out where conditions permit.(cheap injection molded plant pots suppliers in china)

Broad bean is a kind of crop that needs more fertilizer(plastic garden pots for sale). If the growth potential of seedlings is poor in the seedling stage, 10 kg urea can be applied per mu to promote the growth of seedlings and root nodule formation when there are 3-4 true leaves(bulk 10 gallon pots). Therefore, we must cultivate the tree form and crown of Taxus from the beginning of seedlings, and make the Taxus bonsai very beautiful.

First, in the field of legumes(plastic starter pots), select the plants that are disease-free and grow well in the full bloom period, dig out the roots, select the larger pink nodules on the roots, and store them in the dark place for use after being dried in the shade. When inoculating, mash these nodules, add water and mix well, mix them evenly on broad bean seeds(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), cover the soil with sowing, and avoid direct sunlight.

(cheap injection molded plant pots suppliers in china)The second method is to excavate topsoil from the field where fava beans were planted last year and remove it into the planting ditch(5 gallon plastic planters). In addition, relevant research institutions also have the supply of rhizobia. Seed can be mixed with rhizobia, 25-75g / mu, mixed and sown, covered with soil, to avoid sunlight(72 cell trays bulk). The flowering period of broad bean is the peak period of fertilizer demand and the period of dry matter accumulation.

It needs more trace elements and is sensitive to reaction(big black plant pots). In order to improve the soil structure, ensure that the seedlings are neat, complete and strong, and lay the foundation for branching, flowering, podding and high yield, 1000-2000 kg of rotten farmyard fertilizer and 60 kg of compound fertilizer in sunny days are applied as the base fertilizer in combination with the land preparation(sureroot plug trays bulk). Top dressing should be based on seedling fertilization.

5-10kg of urea and 20kg of compound fertilizer should be applied per mu in sunny days(plastic plant pots cape town). If the leaves are green and vigorous, they can be applied less or not. In addition, in the later stage of broad bean growth, it can be applied with 0.1% ammonium molybdate solution or 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution of 0.2kg or 0.05% borax solution, which can reduce the falling of flowers and pods(blow molded nursery pots), and the effect of increasing production is very obvious.

The next day can eliminate the stink of chicken manure(sowing tray). On the third day, the compost became loose and dry, covered with white hyphae. On the fourth day, it gives off a kind of distiller's yeast fragrance. On the fifth day, the bacterial fertilizer will be fermented and matured, and it can be bagged for standby after being dried slightly(72 cell seed trays wholesale). That is to say, 1 day after stacking, 2 days without odor, 3 days loose, 4 days fragrant, 5 days fat.(cheap injection molded plant pots suppliers in china)

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