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Cheap Large Black Plant Pots Wholesale Colorado

The main source of pollution in the room, you may re-examine your room(black plastic nursery pots). You can buy some anti-pollution plants, which not only can purify the air in the room, but also be pleasing to the eye as a decoration. It is a beautiful thing. What are the pollutants that threaten your life and health? Their names may be more terrible than the actual effects(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Let's take a few common examples and talk about their health effects.

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(cheap large black plant pots wholesale colorado)It is important to know that electromagnetic fields combine electric and magnetic fields(plastic nursery pots wholesale). When a current is passed, a magnetic field is formed. And the stronger the current, the stronger the magnetic field. Therefore, it is not recommended to use electronic products too much or too close to them. Why? Because the electromagnetic waves generated by magnetic fields can cause many diseases: headache, fatigue, endocrine disorders(cheap 2 gallon container), immune system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, nervous system diseases or Leukemia and so on, so you need to be very cautious.

Please put some plants like cactus and swallow palms next to your computer, TV, and radio to absorb some of the radiation(plug trays wholesale). At the same time, it's best to put those electronic products next to the windows that are often opened. In addition, it is best to unplug the power supply when you are not using it. Often kept in bright light or in direct sunlight(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer). Destruction of the central nervous system, irritating the skin and mucous membranes, is carcinogenic and can disrupt normal body systems.

(cheap large black plant pots wholesale colorado)Around 1950, NASA began to pay attention to the air quality inside the spacecraft and explore ways to improve it(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). In 1974, a young man named Bill Wolfton was ordered to study the air inside the manned space shuttle in an attempt to find ways to protect astronauts from toxic gases. Studies at the time proved that certain plants were able to absorb some special polluting gases(bulk half gallon pots). Since then, people have begun to pay attention to indoor air quality and are no longer restricted to outdoor air.

Bill Wolfton designed a closed ecological laboratory modeled after the spacecraft's living environment(plastic nursery pots). According to his experimental results, the amount of toxic substances absorbed by certain plants can be measured. Bill and his team began to study the interior environment of the home. He used a biological filtration system to detect the traits of different plants. The system was equipped with activated carbon and a blower that vents toxic gases to the plants(gallon planters supplier), listing the list of plants that are most effective in eliminating indoor pollution.

(cheap large black plant pots wholesale colorado)Bill's research is not only famous in the United States, but also widely spread around the world(wholesale nursery pots). In 1989, the United States established the Clean Air Association to protect individuals' rights to clean air resources. During the same period, South Korea, the United States of California, and India were all committed to exploring ways to purify urban air(15 gallon pots distributor). European countries did not fall behind Germany, Switzerland, and Italy to begin similar experimental research.

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