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Cheap Large Black Plastic Nursery Pots Bulk Buy

But if you put it in a cool place for a long time and you don't see the sun(288 plug tray), then it can't carry out normal photosynthesis, and you can't let it grow normally, so it will also cause the leaves of the rich tree to yellow. Some people hate summer and winter, because a temperature is too high(cheap garden plant pots), a temperature is too low, in fact, plants are also like this, the suitable temperature for the growth of the tree is 20 ° C ~ 30 ° C, too high or too low will affect its growth.

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So when you find that you have become thin because you haven't fertilized it for a long time(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots), or if you have only poured a small amount of water for a long time, if the temperature in the growing environment of the rich tree is too high(big garden plant pots), the transpiration is too strong, the moisture in the roots If the nutrient supply is insufficient, the leaves will gradually dry and yellow. But if you don't water it for a long time, then give it a lot of fertilizer to compensate it. 

If the soil is deprived of oxygen(soil block trays), part of the roots of the fortune tree will rot, and the rich tree will not be able to do normal "breathing" and absorb nutrients. The leaves of the rich tree will turn yellow, so as long as everyone is attentive, when When the surface of the soil in the pot of the rich tree is basically dry(2.5 inch plant pots), pour some water on it, so that it can easily solve the problem of how to make the yellow leaves of the 70-square-meter two-bedroom and one-bedroom decoration.

The following looks very healthy. Therefore, when it is wet and dry, its roots absorb nutrients(14 inch flower pot), so this is also a cause of yellowing of the leaves of the rich tree. First of all, no matter what plant, if you don't fertilize it for a long time, then the soil in the pot will have no nutrients such as nitrogen(potting pots wholesale). Once there is no nutrients, the leaves of the rich tree will become thinner and thinner, and then it will appear. The leaves are yellow and fall off.

If that's the case, then you can make a big mistake(polystyrene plant trays). You should do some pruning and so on, so that its branches and leaves look good but not very dense. Everyone knows that when we are not feeling well, we will take an injection and take medicine. Then the plant is sick? However, if the temperature is too low, for example, if the temperature in winter is lower than 16 °C(4 inch succulent pots), the leaves will easily yellow and fall off, and it will easily die below 10 °C.

When the fortune tree is harmed by pests and diseases, the leaves will appear yellow and appear spots(plant growing containers). Your rich tree grows very lush. In fact, most of the soil in the family is bought directly from the market. The soil in the pot is Acidic. But why is there a yellow leaf phenomenon(succulent pots online)? In order not to let you cry because the leaves of the rich tree are yellow, we must do everything when it is not yellow, and grab it from the watering.

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