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Cheap Large Black Plastic Plant Pots For Sale

The yield components of mung bean include single pod number, single pod number and 100 kernel weight(162 cell trays bulk). Therefore, the reasonable density determination should be determined according to the growth period of the variety and the water and fertilizer conditions(162 cell seed starting trays). In the application of the base fertilizer, it is necessary to apply it at one time, and no longer topdressing during the growth period.

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The suitable density for medium water and fertilizer conditions is 140,000-170,000 per hectare, and 8-10 plants per meter(plastic nursery pots). For late-maturing varieties, the suitable density for high water and fertilizer conditions is 110,000 to 140,000 per hectare, and 7-8 plants per m(200 cell seed starting trays). At present, there is little investment in mung bean production, extensive management, and low production levels, and field management should be strengthened.

(cheap large black plastic plant pots for sale)Timely irrigation. Mung bean has strong cold resistance, especially in the seedling stage, and the field management should be based on seedlings(15 cell trays bulk). However, in the flowering and pod-forming period, the water needs to be relatively more. If the drought is encountered, that is, when the soil water holding capacity reaches 50% or less(105 cell trays bulk), it is necessary to timely irrigate the water to prevent falling flowers and pods and reduce the yield.

Therefore, timely shovel and topdressing(plug trays). This is the inconsistency of mung bean pods, and the pods are easy to burst and lose weight. Therefore, in order to prevent the yield reduction caused by the loss of grain loss, when more than 80% of the pods are mature, the cockroaches will be wet in the morning, and the dew will be harvested in time before going down(21 cell trays bulk). When planting in small areas, harvesting can be carried out by means of staged picking.

Copper grass is just an ornamental plant that grows in water, while money grass has not only ornamental value, but also medical value before(32 cell trays bulk). Money grass can be used for the treatment of diseases such as hepatitis and kidney stones. In addition, the money grass has a certain preventive effect on stone diseases(128 cell trays bulk). Therefore, the money grass belongs to a medicinal material with a greater medicinal value. Copper money grass not only has no medical value, but also a trace amount of toxicity.(cheap large black plastic plant pots for sale)

The first thing to look at is the appearance(black plastic nursery pots). If the copper money grass is mistaken as a money grass, not only will it not achieve the therapeutic effect, but it may also be poisoned. The suitable temperature for the growth of copper grass is generally around 22 degrees Celsius(50 cell trays bulk). Therefore, be careful when distinguishing between copper grass and money grass. The method of changing the soil culture of Tongqiancao water culture is introduced here.

(cheap large black plastic plant pots for sale)Generally, the suitable density of early-maturing varieties and low-water-fertilized plots is 170,000-200,000 plants per hectare, and 10-15 seedlings per rice(cell trays). Especially in the seedling stage, mung beans grow slowly, and should be deceived by grass, affecting growth and development, and management should be timely(72 cell trays bulk). During the period of growth, weeding and weeding 3 times before flowering and pod formation. 

In the light and shallow principle, three shovel and three shovel should be carried out(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). It is necessary to pay attention to distinguish between copper grass and money grass. Copper money grass is poisonous. After harvest, the mung beans should be dried and threshed in time, and stored in the warehouse after being treated with chemicals(98 cell trays bulk). Generally, 2500 kg of organic fertilizer and 30 kg of ammonium bicarbonate are applied.

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