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Cheap Large Decorative Plastic Planters Online

Timely tillage and reduce soil moisture(gallon pot). After 1~2 days, when the soil is dry and wet, the soil is first buried and then buried. The depth of planting should be equal to the maternal surface and the ridge surface, and should not be too deep. It can also be used in the open field broadcast method, live broadcast in front of the shed, can save labor for transplanting(50 cell plug trays supplier), and will not transplant the roots, and the seedlings are strong.(cheap large decorative plastic planters online)

Small row spacing 50 cm, sorghum or ridge cultivation, watering 2 to 3 days before sowing, ditching 3 cm deep(large plastic terracotta pots), seeding the seeds of the buds on demand 25 cm, planting 2 to 3 seeds per hole, covering soil after sowing 1.5 cm. If the sensation is insufficient, it is necessary to irrigate the seedlings before emergence(72 cell plant trays bulk). Grass should be covered to prevent soil compaction. Generally, it can be emerged 3 days after sowing, and 2 pieces of true leaves can be seeded.

After the fertilizer and water management is planted, due to high temperature and rain(seed starting trays), it is necessary to prevent the seedlings from growing, to reduce irrigation or water, to apply less nitrogen fertilizer, to increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, or to use the organic camp for 2 to 3 times(105 cell plant trays bulk). A top dressing can be carried out before the inserting, and 300 kg of manure or decomposed manure per mu is applied.

(cheap large decorative plastic planters online)Generally, the temperature and humidity are adjusted to have high temperature in the early stage(nursery plant pots), and the film around the shed should be rolled up to leave only the film on the top of the shed for large ventilation. After applying top dressing, fill the water rack or hang the vine. When the temperature is high, watering is poured once(128 cell plant trays bulk). When seedlings, diseased seedlings, malformed seedlings and weak seedlings are found, the seedlings should be dug in the dense place.

When the temperature is low, it can be poured once every 5 to 6 days(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). In November, if it is cloudy and the light is weak, it can be sprayed with 0.1% boron, which has the effect of preventing melon. The cultivating and plant adjustment from colonization to sitting melon, generally cultivating the soil for 3 times, so that the soil is loose and ventilated(162 cell plug trays supplier), reducing the number of irrigation, controlling the plant length, the root melon sitting, no longer using cultivating.

(cheap large decorative plastic planters online)2 to 3 times of melon, each time with 500-750 kg of decomposed human excrement per acre(plastic plant trays wholesale), with water spray to prevent disease, spraying organic nutrient fertilizer 2 to 3 times. Appropriate soil should be used during the melon period and later. Delayed cultivation of cucumbers in autumn is easy to grow, and the height of the melons is high(200 cell plug trays supplier). It should be put on shelves and vines in time. Plastic slings can be used to hang the vines.

When planting, first put the seedlings into the ditch(square grow pots), cover the soil firmly, and fill the water in the ditch.In late October, it is poured once a day. Choose robust and uniform seedlings with a plant spacing of 20 to 25 cm and plant 4,500 to 5,000 plants per acre. When the roof is planted, the toppings are topped to promote the germination of the side branches(200 cell plant trays bulk). Generally, two I hearts are left on the side vines, and the side vines can be used to increase the later yield.(cheap large decorative plastic planters online)

Place the plants in a slightly cool and humid place for drying(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The time does not take long, about two or three hours. After the leaves have become quite straight, it is OK to colonize. In case of rain, do not apply fertilizer when slowing down the seedlings, keep the soil moist and the environment should be ventilated(32 cell plant trays bulk). If it is a seedling with a pot, the treatment method will be simpler. Check the dryness of the soil first, and pour some water if it has dried out.

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