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In the flowering season of Milan, the faint aroma will pervade the entire street, elegant, quiet and warm(plastic nursery pots). Put Milan on the terrace of the home, you may wish to open the external window, let the fresh and humid air mix with the fragrance of Milan. Your room, that cozy and intoxicating is indescribable, if you don't have to go to work. The flowers of the orchids are dense(50 cell seed starter trays), the leaves are green and bright, and they bloom many times in a year, and the summer and autumn are the most prosperous.

(cheap large fabric bags wholesale supplier)Therefore, it is more liked by flower friends, but many people planted in Milan at home are easy to turn yellow leaves(plastic nursery pots wholesale). In fact, there are many reasons why Milan has lost its leaves. We should carefully analyze the reasons and take corresponding measures to treat Milan. If the water is too much or too little, it will cause the leaves to fall off(72 cell seed starter trays). Because there is too much water, the roots will be rotten and the leaves will be short of water, so the leaves will easily dry out and fall off.

Flowers with less water directly cause insufficient water in the leaves and then die directly(black plastic nursery pots). It is possible to make a record and water the Milan every day. Implement the principle of not doing watering. Moreover, the sunshine time in Milan will be extended, and the sun will be violent at noon in summer, and the leaves can be properly watered(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). If the leaves are fallen after the water is watered, then Milan can be transplanted, placed in another basin, and then watered and fertilized.(cheap large fabric bags wholesale supplier)

If pests occur, it will also cause the leaves of Milan flowers(plug trays wholesale), usually powdery mildew and scale insects. Therefore, insecticides such as lime water can be appropriately used for insecticide, and then appropriate fertilization and watering can be used to recover. Solution: If there is a large area of leaves after watering, you can put the Milan basin high, the surface soil in the basin is opened, be careful not to hurt the root system(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). Stop the water and stop the fertilizer, place it in a ventilated place, spray water only on the foliage in the morning and evening.

(cheap large fabric bags wholesale supplier)Accelerate the evaporation of moisture in the basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After Milan is no longer falling, it can be gradually converted to normal management. When breeding, there will be a lot of problems with Milan leaves falling, but there is no problem where it is. In fact, this is caused by improper management. Trimming Milan flowers should be trimmed from the seedlings(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), retaining a section of 15 cm to 20 cm high, and pruning over 15 cm of the main trunk to make the plant full.

The lower branches of perennial old plants often die and die(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, the north should be short-cut at high temperature every other year, so that the adventitious buds in the lower part of the main branch can sprout and grow new side branches, thus keeping the tree shape uniform, the tree is strong, and the leaves are full of flowers. Half of the year will bloom red flowers, and the other half will bloom blue flowers(20 cell trays bulk). However, in the bud stage, for the branches and leaves can not be reduced, in order to use the shade and block the sun only.

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