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Cheap Large Gallon Nursery Pots Manufacturers Ireland

In the previous article, Xiao Bian introduced to everyone: Cactus is afraid to disturb(propagation tray), when there is no special reason, try not to move it. But sometimes when the original pots can't meet their growth needs and there is poor growth, then we have to consider changing the basin. The changing of the cactus needs to find the right time(gallon plant pot). It is necessary to change the basin at the right time to minimize the damage brought by the changing basin, and it is more conducive to its survival.

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(cheap large gallon nursery pots manufacturers ireland)Then, when does the potted cactus change the pot? Under normal circumstances(plug trays), the cactus should be changed before the dormant period and has not returned to the normal growth state. It is probably in the early spring, which is usually the most cactus. Good times. In fact, the cactus change basin is basically the same as most succulents(plastic plant trays wholesale), but some details need to take into account the growth habits of cactus and slightly different.

If you don't consider the economy and reuse the old pot, you can directly knock the original flower pot directly(cell trays), and then take out the plant; if you can't bear to knock the original pot, you can follow other conventional potting. The method is operated, and Xiaobian has many introductions in the previous articles, and will not be described here(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). After the cactus is removed from the original pot, naturally many old potting soils are attached to the roots of the plants.

(cheap large gallon nursery pots manufacturers ireland)If the old soil is relatively small, you don't have to remove the old soil any more(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale); but if there are too many old soils and the roots of the plants are completely covered, we need to clean up the old soil. However, care should be taken during operation to avoid getting the roots of the cactus(greenhouse supplies pots). After removing the excess crust from the dehydrated cactus, the roots of the plant will naturally be exposed, and we need to carefully examine these roots.

If there are too many roots, or there are old and weak pests, then we should properly trim the roots in a targeted manner(wholesale nursery pots). Many cactus varieties are inherently strong, and proper rooting is also possible; but for overly sensitive varieties, no rooting is generally done. Since the cactus is a shallow plant, it should not be deeply planted, otherwise it will seriously affect its growth. In the upper basin(square grow pots), first lay a layer of moderately cultivating soil on the bottom of the basin, then place the plants and continue to cover the shallow soil.(cheap large gallon nursery pots manufacturers ireland)

Note that the position of the soil after planting is kept at a distance from the surface of the pot(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The thickness of the soil covered is about eighty-nine points of the pot, which is more conducive to return to normal growth. After the cactus has been covered, we can't walk it, and we can't immediately water it. We also need to gently compact the soil around the plant so that it does not affect the drainage(wholesale greenhouse pots). However, avoid watering immediately after the basin, otherwise it will affect its survival.

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