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Cheap Large Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale USA

Vermiculite culture medium vermiculite is a kind of soft mineral, which is used as thermal insulation material in industry(plastic grow pots). When transplanting the pot, it is easy to operate and will not damage the root. Cake fertilizer powder with 5% sawdust weight or human and animal manure can be used as base fertilizer. In the growth period, the thin fertilizer solution was applied once every 1 ~ 2 weeks(105 cell trays bulk), just as the potted soil flowers.

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Vermiculite and fermented horse manure are mixed in the ratio of 4:1, which can be used as culture medium to cultivate flowers and trees(square nursery pots). These two kinds of media are very loose, both breathable and permeable, will not harden, strong water and fertility retention, conducive to the rooting development of flowers and trees(wholesale nursery pots). The flowers and trees with the worst cold resistance, such as Milan, jasmine, Michelia, brandy and crab claw orchid, can be carried out in April.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale usa)Horse dung is acidic, so it is suitable to cultivate flowers and trees that like acid soil in South China(cell trays). Because of its light weight and easy access to raw materials, it is suitable for potted plants on family balcony. Using the regeneration ability of plant vegetative organs, cutting part of roots, stems and leaves and inserting them into soil, sand, coal ash, or other substrates that are easy to take root, in order to cultivate new plants is called the method of transplanting.

Hard branch cutting(black plastic nursery pots): pomegranate, hibiscus, hibiscus, Lagerstroemia indica, Jasminum nudiflorum and other deciduous flowers and trees use this method. Seeds with hard shell such as peony and peony can be soaked in warm water at 60 ℃ for 24 hours before sowing. Mixing of plant ash: for seeds with oil wax on the shell, such as Magnolia grandiflora, a paste can be prepared by mixing the ash and water into the seed(nursery plant pots), so that the oil wax can be removed by the alkali in the ash.(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale usa)

However, most of the acid soils are rich in organic matter(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), with complete elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, etc., and have the property of loose air permeability, which is conducive to the root development. Soilless culture is to replace soil with medium with good air permeability(seed starter trays), such as sawdust, vermiculite, perlite, rubble, gravel or cinder instead of soil. Hydrangea like semi shade, moist, fertile acid soil, alkali resistant.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale usa)Most of the flowers are suitable for pH 5.5 ~ 7.0, below or above this limit, they will not grow well or even die(plug trays). To identify soil pH, litmus test paper can be used to contact with soil leaching solution, and the color appearing is compared with the color of pH value, then the pH value can be read out(greenhouse supplies pots). Sawdust is light, breathable, water retaining and fertilizer retaining material, which is a good material to replace basin soil. Before sap flow in early spring.

The pH value is divided into 14 grades(plastic nursery pots). PH7 is neutral, ph5.4 is strong acid, ph9.5 is strong base. Some people worry that sawdust will ferment and burn the root. In fact, sawdust does not decompose as quickly as other organic materials and generate a lot of heat. It decomposes slowly and has a long decomposition process, so it will not cause heat in the basin(flat plastic tray). At the same time, due to frequent watering, the generated heat will also be taken away.(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale usa)

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