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Cheap Large Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale

Put it in the astigmatism(plant start trays wholesale), keep the temperature at 25~30°C during the day and 17~20°C at night, and cover the straw in the greenhouse above the small arch shed. Pumpkin 5cm × 5cm. The seeds are horizontally swayed, covered with 1.5~2cm fine sand, poured through, and covered with seedling beds. After sowing, the indoor temperature is controlled at 28-30C, and the temperature is maintained at 15 °C at night(32 cell seed starter trays). Once the symptoms are found and controlled as soon as possible, the basin can be changed.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale)After the leaves were restored, the water was perfused(wholesale nursery pots), and a 1.0 cm incision was obliquely cut with a blade at 0.5 to 1.0 cm below the cotyledons, and the hypocotyl was 30 °C. The scion was chamfered from bottom to top at 2 cm of the hypocotyl ion leaf, and the length and angle of the incision were similar to those of the anvil(72 cell propagation trays). The cotyledons of the scion are placed on the cotyledons of the rootstock, grafted and transplanted into the prepared seedbed or nutrient bowl.

The soil temperature is about 25 °C. After 3 days, the temperature and humidity are gradually reduced(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After 4-5 days, the light is blocked from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, after 6-7 days. See the light all day, remove the arch shed after 8 days, lick the roots of the roots for 10-12 days, pinch the lower part of the cucumber hypocotyl interface with the fingers one day before the roots(200 cell seed starting trays), break the tube bundle, reduce the water drainage, and make the growth after the roots unaffected. Blackout all day.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale)Once the strain is ill, it may become a source of infection for other strains, so the disease should be prevented anyway(plug trays wholesale). The grafting clip is controlled at 22~26C during the day, the relative vine is reduced to 700/0~80%, and the light is gradually increased. Immediately after emergence, the temperature is lowered to prevent the growth of the rootstock leaves(72 cell plug trays supplier), and the grafting of the true leaves is suitable for grafting. The leaves that are sick at the early stage should be removed.

The treatment of powdery mildew is not difficult, and it is effective to use a preventive spray made of commercial vinegar(black plastic nursery pots). When the symptoms are very light, wait until it fully recovers that the infected leaves are torn and can see the state. If the symptoms spread, spray the vinegar on the affected area with water, baking soda, etc. every other week. If the symptoms do not disappear, it is necessary to use medication control, otherwise the leaves will die(128 cell plug trays supplier). It is important to improve sunlight and ventilation in all nutrient soils.

(cheap large plastic bonsai pots wholesale)Appropriate amount of fertilizer should be applied evenly(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and as little as possible, fertilizers with residual components such as ammonium sulfate should be applied to reduce the concentration of soil solution. The preparation method is to mix and mix 3 parts of fully decomposed organic fertilizer and 7 parts of garden soil(seed starting trays supplier). Scientific fertilization, formula fertilization, organic fertilizer application, organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed and then applied.

It has a good growth ability, and the time of slow seedling period is not very long(plastic nursery pots). See the sun, about 10-30 days. Use scissors to cut off the dead leaves and rotten roots, put them in the shade to dry, and the branches and leaves become tall and straight, and then do not fertilize. If it is a seedling with a pot, you need to pour some water first, and the leaves will be properly seen after recovery(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Use clean scissors to cut off the dead branches, dead leaves, and excess decaying roots.

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