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Cheap Large Plastic Flower Pots For Sale

The bonsai of the Gypsophila is usually treated in a timely manner after every 1-2 years(18 cell trays bulk), so that there is enough new soil in the basin to keep the plant growing well. The changing work of the Gypsophila is usually carried out in the spring of 2-3 months or in the late autumn, and in the process of changing the pot, the rooting is very important(40 cell tray in bulk). Because we can take this opportunity to build a hanging root, the dew root situation is well done, which will greatly enhance the ornamental nature of the bonsai.

(cheap large plastic flower pots for sale)Gypsophila not only has a long flowering period, but also has a high ornamental value(51 cell trays bulk). It can be used as a cut flower material or potted for viewing. It can also be used to beautify and embellish the environment. If you want to breed small seedlings, you can both sow and breed, and you can also cultivate. What kind of soil is used as a substrate for Gypsophila seedlings(gallon pot)? Gypsophila is the most vulnerable when changing pots. Instead of transplanting and planting seedlings, a slight accident may lead to death.

For the change of potted plants, it is usually safe to remove the old soil adhered to the roots(36 cell trays bulk). Then, in the spring changing process, first remove the pot, then remove most of the old soil, then pour the fertile and loose new potting soil into the new pot, then re-plant the pot, and finally place it in a cool and ventilated place(seed starting trays). The seedlings, while the plants in the new pots are successfully slowed down, resume normal management.

(cheap large plastic flower pots for sale)Not only is the starry sky, but many other potted plants can change this after the pot(104 cell trays bulk). The flower plant adapts to the previous soil environment. Once the soil is changed by changing the pot, it is equivalent to changing the original soil environment of the plant. The plant has a process to adapt to the new environment, and in the whole process of active adaptation, the plant The growth is often fragile(square grow pots), so the phenomenon of leaves and leaves will appear at one and a half.

In order to get rid of the phenomenon of hairpins as soon as possible(40 cell trays bulk), it is recommended that you always spray some water to moisturize, and at the same time ensure that the ambient air circulation is smooth, usually placed in a place where the light is brighter indoors. In particular, the hydration should be timely, because the drought-tolerant ability of the Gypsophila is relatively poor, and the growth environment should always maintain a suitable humidity(nursery plant pots), so as to speed up the slow seedling process after the plant is changed, and shorten the service time.(cheap large plastic flower pots for sale)

When transplanting the upper pot, it is necessary to carry the soil, and the watering after the upper pot needs to be cautious(72 cell seed starting trays), and it is not allowed to be directly watered, otherwise it is easy to wash down the seedling. After all, as soon as possible to restore normal growth state, then, how to change the pottery of the Gypsophila? But careful basin friends will find: after the change of potted stars, the phenomenon of leaves and leaves will often appear, what is going on(large plastic terracotta pots)? In fact, the phenomenon of cyanosis after the change of potted stars is also normal.

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