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Our common forest tree is arbor, such as the common citron in the south, the artichoke in the north, and so on(plastic nursery pots). Then, besides that, what kinds of trees do you have in the tree? Today, Xiaobian will share with you the knowledge of the types of trees. Sycamore is a large deciduous tree, which is more common in the southern region. Its trunk is straight, tall, and the bark is green, the surface is smooth(72 cell trays bulk), and the viewing is full, usually as a street tree or garden greening ornamental tree.

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(cheap large plastic flower pots manufacturers)Pinus massoniana is an evergreen tree with straight trunks up to 45M(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Pinus massoniana is divided into long-leaved masson pine and short-leaved masson pine according to different needles. The long one is 30 cm, called the long-leaved masson pine; the short one is only 10 cm or less, called the short-leaved masson pine. Teak is a dicot that is water-resistant and resistant to termites and sea worms in different seas(98 cell trays bulk). Not only can it be used as a forest tree, but also as a building material tree.

Ginkgo biloba is a deciduous tree with tall trunks and beautiful leaves. It is golden yellow in autumn and beautiful in color(black plastic nursery pots). And ginkgo is the oldest relict plant in the existing seed plants. Metasequoia is a kind of deciduous tree, and it is the only existing species in the family Cedaraceae, and it is also a precious tree species of special products. As the first rare species listed as a national first-class protected plant(105 cell trays bulk), Metasequoia is known as the “living fossil” of the plant kingdom.

(cheap large plastic flower pots manufacturers)Magnolia is a variety of white flowers in magnolia(plug trays wholesale). The height of the tree is generally 2 to 5 meters. Places that are warm, sunny, moist and well drained require fertile soil and no water. It has strong cold tolerance and can safely overwinter at -20 °C. There are also two Qiaolan in the north, and the white lavender inside the petals. Pushu is a kind of deciduous tree with a height of up to 20 meters(128 cell trays bulk). It is distributed in the Huaihe River Basin. The bark is taupe, smooth and not cracked.

Red maple is 2 to 4 meters high and is mainly distributed in the subtropical zone, especially in the Yangtze River basin(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It is cultivated in most parts of the country. The branches are slender and smooth, and they are purplish red. Spring is more lush and winter falls. Eucalyptus is a deciduous tree, up to 25 meters high, with trunks standing upright and branches growing in the northeast, north, northwest and southwest provinces(162 cell trays bulk). It is also a tree for the rural areas of North China and Huaibei Plain. In the fourth phase, water supply is limited to healthy plants.

(cheap large plastic flower pots manufacturers)What kinds of trees are there in the arbor? There are many arbor species(wholesale nursery pots). The eucalyptus is a kind of arbor, up to 10 meters high, cold-resistant, drought-tolerant and thin, adaptable, like to grow in calcareous soil, only distributed in the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River. Downstream of the basin, it is rare in the north of the Haihe River Basin. It is very clear that you can see the growth of the seedlings and the time of the pots, which is quite convenient(200 cell trays bulk). There are still many arbor species, and these are just some of the common ones in trees.

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