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Cheap Large Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale Canada

Not only can it be planted, but it can also be hydroponically cultivated, and the operation method is relatively simple(plastic nursery pots). There is no high technical content in the whole process. We only need to choose a vigorously growing Guanyin lotus, dig it out from the potting soil, then clean the roots and put it directly in the container with water(50 cell seed starter trays). Because Guanyin Lian prefers the semi-shade growth environment, as long as the conditions are met, it usually takes a few days to make it root.

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(cheap large plastic flower pots wholesale canada)It is recommended to choose a glass container so that we can see the germination of the root system and also witness the growth of the root system(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Then, specifically, how does Guanyin Lotus hydroponic? The following small series will tell you about the operation points. First, we need to choose a pot of healthy lotus roots that grow in the soil, then remove the pots(72 cell seed starter trays), remove the plants, remove the excess soil, and then clean the roots.

Be cautious throughout the operation, especially the roots(black plastic nursery pots). Because of the plant of Guanyinlian, the stalk and the tissue in the roots are relatively soft. Therefore, the requirements for water quality in the hydroponic process are high, especially the need to pay attention to cleanliness and sanitation, so as to prevent the plants from decaying. . In the later stage, the inner wall of the container should be cleaned frequently to avoid breeding moss or germs(32 cell seedling trays wholesale), thereby infecting the plants, generally combined with water exchange.

(cheap large plastic flower pots wholesale canada)When the water injected into the container does not pass through the 2/3 portion of the root of the plant, water should be stopped(plug trays wholesale). It is thought that plants need to breathe. In addition to leaves, roots are also an important way of breathing, so we can't let the roots of plants not be below the water surface, so as not to hinder the roots of plants. In the later stage of water culture management(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), we should be flexible in water exchange operations, especially in summer, we must increase the frequency of water changes.

Due to the dry season in summer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), we also need to spray water to increase the humidity of the air to create suitable conditions for the normal growth of Guanyin. After entering the winter, in order to make the leaves of the plants look greener, it is recommended that you spray warm water once a week. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly inject a proper amount of nutrient solution into the container to meet the nutrient demand for plant growth(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). The nutrient solution is usually added after the hydroponic grows a new root.

(cheap large plastic flower pots wholesale canada)If the lack of sunlight is easy to cause the plant shape to be slack and not compact(wholesale nursery pots), and the plants growing in sufficient light, the leaves are plump and full, the plant shape is compact, and the leaves are bright. If you don't do it, don't pour it. This is to prevent the occurrence of temporary water accumulation, to prevent the formation of rotten roots, but it can not be too dry, or if the plants do not die(20 cell trays bulk), the growth will become sluggish, the leaves will become dim, lack vitality.

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