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Raw aloe vera practice: Prepare a thick and large fresh aloe leaf, remove the peel and remove the jelly(wholesale nursery pots). Heat it in hot water and cool it in cold water. Cut into 3 mm size, add salt and MSG, add a little raw. Pumping, like a sweet taste, add a little sugar, then you can eat. Because the addition of honey is more acceptable(72 cell plant trays bulk). Cold aloe vera ingredients: fresh aloe leaves 3 cm, sea bream 20 g, cucumber 3 cm, sesame oil, vinegar amount.

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(cheap large plastic gallon pot factory ireland)Method: The aloe leaves are boiled with boiling water, cut into a circle where the jelly can be seen(plastic nursery pots manufacturers); the salt of the jellyfish is removed with water; the cucumber is cut into silk. Then put the ingredients and ingredients into the dish, topped with the seasoning, and you can eat. Ingredients: 5 cm aloe leaves, 1 teaspoon honey, 2/3 cup water, 1 tsp lemon juice(50 cell plug trays supplier). Practice: Wash a 5 cm long fresh aloe leaf, thorn, mix with lemon, add 2/3 cup water and mix well, then add ice and lemon.

Aloe vera is native to northern Africa and is currently cultivated in the southern United States and the West Indies in South America(plug trays wholesale). It is also grown in China. Its leaf juice concentrate is the traditional Chinese medicine "old aloe", and Japan is called "hepatic aloe". Cape Aloe Vera is distributed in southern Africa. It is mainly produced in the Cape State of the Republic of South Africa. It is exported by Kepdawen(105 cell plug trays supplier). Its traditional Chinese medicine is called “new aloe vera” or “transparent aloe vera”. The quality of aloe vera is worse than that of old aloe.

(cheap large plastic gallon pot factory ireland)Chinese aloe vera is also known as the striped aloe(black plastic nursery pots). Distributed in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places, Yunnan Yuanjiang, Hainan Island, Leizhou Peninsula with a wild. The folks are widely used as herbal medicines and beauty medicines, and their leaves, flowers and roots can be used as medicine. Wood sword-type aloe vera is also called aloe vera. Originally produced in South Africa, Japan is now cultivated everywhere as a folk medicine(32 cell plug trays supplier). It has also been widely cultivated in recent years, especially in the three northeastern provinces and North China.

Although Chinese reeds are the safest to eat, there is a limit to the amount of food consumed each time(plastic nursery pots wholesale). According to the results of the China National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products, the "Autism Toxicity Test and Long-Term Toxicity Test" have no toxic side effects. Because each body is different, under normal circumstances, it is no problem to eat about 30 grams of fresh leaves per person per day, but people with weak constitution should reduce their consumption(seed starting trays supplier). In addition, people who have mild diarrhea after eating should also reduce their consumption.

(cheap large plastic gallon pot factory ireland)Aloe vera is also edible, but its leaf skin is thick and the skin contains more aloe vera(plastic nursery pots). Therefore, the method of eating is exquisite - it is necessary to separate the skin from the "meat". Because Japanese wood sword aloe contains more aloe vera, it feels bitter when eaten, it is difficult to swallow, but the smell is good, and most people can easily accept its smell, but people who don't like "eat hard" will be more repulsive(128 cell seed trays wholesale). It is recommended to eat it with honey or sugar, and the amount should be less than Chinese aloe!

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