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Of course, in summer, the temperature is high(flat plastic tray), the water is poured, and what kind of container is used for growing vegetables? The hole-cutting method is adjusted to: First, the balcony size is measured, the vegetable planning is done well, and the edge of the hole is relatively neat. The two sides of the pipe should be blocked, and the water should be filtered. In the tube, first lay the pieces of the pipe that was smashed down. After the first spike of the tomato, lay the clay on the pieces of the pipe(propagation tray). When you are working on flowers and plants, be careful of falling objects. It will hang up.

(cheap large plastic garden pot suppliers)We know more about it and we won't feel overwhelmed when we are sick(plastic grow pots). It is a headache for many people. As the number one killer of flesh, many people already know his power. This is the black rot from the rhizome of the flesh. The germ has spread to the bottom of the leaves. At this time, you need to cut the flesh directly. The two suspected infected leaves should not be cherished(plug trays). It is more important to keep more parts. .

This is the black rot of the rosette-shaped succulent heart(greenhouse supplies pots). For this kind of bottom pole is short, even if there is no pole, the life has come to an end. This is the black rot in the succulent stem. The external performance is not particularly obvious, but you can distinguish it from the softness of the pole and the falling of the healthy leaf (not completely accurate, or it may be water). To be early(gallon plant pot), you should see no bacteria in the stem.

(cheap large plastic garden pot suppliers)This kind of black rot, life is also going to the end(wholesale greenhouse pots). Although the black rot is terrible, even if it is infected with black rot, there is still a way to save. The fleshy black rot is caused by the fungus "Fusarium oxysporum". It is called Fusarium wilt. The pathogen is Fusarium oxysporum. This is an anaerobic bacteria, so our good method of prevention and treatment is common saying(cell trays). The soil should be ventilated, the ventilation conditions are good, and the water is thoroughly dried.

In fact, this is the disease of the scale insects, let us first know the scale insects(seed starter trays). I often see some friends ask, the common scale insects on the meat are these two, mainly the second white, the red is less common (not not). The scale insects are often male wings, can fly, female Once the insects and larvae have emerged, they live on the branches or fruits for life, causing the leaves to yellow, the branches to wither(gallon nursery pots), the tree to decline, and easy to induce coal pollution.(cheap large plastic garden pot suppliers)

When it comes to black rot, the scales are found early, and there are only 1 or 2 on one plant(square nursery pots). We can choose to use a toothpick to poke. Many shellworms, we can choose to protect the flower gods from the water to the place where the scale insects are more spurt, the effect is good (everyone says good). Of course, the flower protection god is actually avermectin. You can also spray it with avermectin and spray it. It will have the same effect(black plastic plant pots). When the scale insect is in the root, it should be directly rooted without hesitation.

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