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Cheap Large Plastic Garden Pots Suppliers In China

Technical measures such as ring stripping and ring cutting of the tree body, cellar wintering is used in Northeast China(seed starting trays supplier); controlling the use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers since mid-July, reducing water supply(black plastic nursery pots), the saline and alkali are too heavy, and suppressing the occurrence and growth of autumn shoots have obvious effects, and the control effect is also good.

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After the autumn fruit turns red to the end of the year, it is an ornamental period(seed propagation trays), and it is necessary to meet the winter dormancy requirements of the hawthorn tree, so as not to affect the growth and results of next year. Therefore, especially for perennial branch groups grafted with flower buds in the pot, scion should choose the cultivar with early flowering and high fruit setting rate(plug trays wholesale). Branching or budding are often used.(cheap large plastic garden pots suppliers in china)

The branching method can appropriately use splitting(plastic cell trays supplier), cutting, abdominal, subcutaneous and root grafting, and the survival rate is higher. Buried soil can be used for winter protection in North China; basin surface or ditch grass can be used for wintering in North China(square nursery pots). In order to promote flower bud formation in young hawthorn pot trees, the management of fertilizer and water from the bud to the early flowering stage is the key. 

Let the soil maintain a certain humidity(plastic potting pots). After the soil of the yew roots is cleaned up, then generally, before use, otherwise the shape of the potted hawthorn tree can be adjusted according to the growth of the potted tree and the hobby of the grower as long as everyone can trim it. Feel free to shape(seed starter trays). Symptoms: The fibrous root turns brown and dies, and a reddish-brown round lesion appears around the base of the fibrous root.(cheap large plastic garden pots suppliers in china)

Round spot root rot is one of the important causes of hawthorn death(seed starting trays wholesale). However, it should be noted that in severe cases, the lesions merge and the rot goes deep into the xylem, causing the entire root to become black and die. Improve orchard drainage and irrigation facilities so that drought can be irrigated and waterlogged can be drained(wholesale nursery pots); soil structure is improved to prevent soil erosion, and orchards with conditions can be deep-turned. 

(cheap large plastic garden pots suppliers in china)Pathogens that cause the disease can spread in the soil for long periods of time(plastic nursery pots). When the root system of mountain trees is weakened, pathogens invade the roots. The soil in the orchard is sticky, the long-term drought and lack of fertilizers, the serious soil erosion, the serious age phenomenon and the improper management of the orchard are more serious(wholesale greenhouse pots). During the air-drying period, avoid pouring water or rain into the tree hole. 

In addition, strengthen cultivation management, increase tree vigor, and improve disease resistance(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Dry for 7-10 days. In the growing season, weeding and weed protection in time; reasonable pruning to adjust the fruit volume of the tree to avoid the phenomenon of large and small years(plastic grow pots); orchards with poor fertility require a variety of green manure to be pressed and green, and formula fertilization technology is used. Deal with sick trees.

Put the nutrient solution every 10 days on weekdays, dig up the soil in the spring and autumn to dry the roots, cure the diseased part or cut off the diseased roots(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). After scraping the lesions, irrigate the roots with 30 times liquid of Bordeaux liquid or 5 Baumedus sulfur mixture or 45% crystals sulfur mixture(flat plastic tray). You can also apply 50% carbendazim 1000-fold solution or 50% libutain wettable powder 300-fold solution to the wound.(cheap large plastic garden pots suppliers in china)

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