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Cheap Large Plastic Growing Trays Wholesale

Hello everyone, I am a plant grass worm, love to grow green and love flowers(plastic nursery pots). Today, some netizens asked, use the seedling tray to insert the rose, the box is not breathable, need to be ventilated on the top hole? Use the seedling tray to insert the rose branches, soak the roots After the powder needs to dry the branches and other branches, the wounds are healed and then cut. Then, today we will share the method of seedlings(200 cell propagation trays wholesale), which is a method of cutting the rose, which is fast-reducing and not easy to black. It is worth collecting.

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(cheap large plastic growing trays wholesale)Knocking key points: The seedling tray is a very good cutting-edge artifact, especially the cutting of hard branches(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Of course, the branches of the rose can also be cut, especially in the winter, the survival rate is 100%. After the matrix is configured, the successful cutting branches are almost Do not use fake planting, take it out directly on the basin, of course, if you use the method of hitting the wall 2.0 to cut, it is to be faked(162 cell propagation trays wholesale), so the cutting formula is very important. The seedling tray has a cover, mainly for moisturizing and heat preservation.

There is no cover, the cover of the seedling tray is poorly breathable(black plastic nursery pots), which requires frequent cover ventilation. After the roots are treated with rooting powder, do not dry, do not wait for the wound to heal directly, then control the water level, ok, The following steps to share the seedling tray cuttings and maintenance methods are worth collecting. The seedling trays are widely used(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). In actual production, we often use tobacco to breed and vegetable sowing, and the cuttings of rose are only popular in previous years.

(cheap large plastic growing trays wholesale)The seedling tray consists of a chassis, a seedling tray and a lid. Mainly to control the moisture, in the use(plug trays wholesale), the chassis is mainly to control the water level, because the water level is too high, the medium has poor water absorption capacity, and the other is that the water is too strong to easily lead to the black rod, so the water level control is critical. The seedling tray is the position of cutting. After the seedling tray is loaded with the substrate, it can be inserted(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is necessary to pay attention to disinfection and then cutting. There is a water absorbing hole at the bottom of the seedling tray.

The main function is to absorb water and breathe for a certain oxygen exchange(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), which requires the water level can not be high, the water level is high and easily cause suffocation. There are also some seedling trays with lids. The lids of the seedling trays are mainly used for moisturizing and heat preservation. They can be used in winter and early spring. If they are not well mastered in late spring, summer and autumn, they may not need to be covered, which may cause suffocation(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is also possible to directly cut the rock directly with the method of hitting the wall 2.0, so that the cutting is easy.

(cheap large plastic growing trays wholesale)However, it is necessary to carry out transplanting after transplanting, but now we are all changing the formula(wholesale nursery pots). The medium formula is: peat + cocoon + vermiculite + perlite. This formula does not require fake planting and can be transplanted directly. survive. After the medium is prepared, sterilize the medium with carbendazim, then soak the rose branches with rooting powder for about two hours(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), then cut it, and move it to the astigmatism after the cutting.

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