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Cheap Large Plastic Nursery Flower Pots Wholesale

In order to ensure high yield and stable yield(nursery plant pots), it is necessary to provide better conditions for melon, to make winter melon better growth and development, to alleviate the cold, dry rain, rain and pests, etc. In the process of planting, adopting the mulching film to cover the winter melon, it will directly increase the yield than the open field(seed starting trays supplier). The use of a white film is most suitable, because weeds are also very easy to produce, so we need to spray a herbicide before the cover film and then cover.

Before covering the film, it is necessary to flatten the ground first, and to make the soil moist, and the cover film must be flattened to compress the edge film(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Be careful not to let the humidity inside be too large or not, as long as it is kept moist. Generally, watering is not required for 20 days after transplanting(128 cell seed trays wholesale). In the future, if there is water shortage, the method of furrow irrigation is adopted, and only half of the ditch water needs to be poured.(cheap large plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)

Generally, the melon skin will turn bright and dark green after about 45 days of fruit setting(square grow pots). If the plants are green, most of the leaves are still green and not yellow. Choose the morning in sunny days. Picking is more appropriate. Applying 15 kg of urea per acre(128 cell plug trays supplier), the early-maturing varieties of cauliflower cultivated in spring can be used for topdressing before the formation of the flower ball, and can be used for digging and fertilizing.

(cheap large plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)After the film is covered, the root water should be poured, and then the mouth should be sealed with fine soil(plastic plant trays wholesale). About thirty-five percent. After the application, the soil is covered and watered. If you are interested in growing melons, I hope this article can help you. Once every 7-10 days, continuous control 3-4 times(72 cell plug trays supplier). Foliar fertilization can also be carried out, such as spraying 0.5% urea or 0.4% potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

In general, melon needs to be stored in old melons(cell trays). Because Hainan has a temperature of more than 20 degrees in winter and spring, the roots of melon are generally developed, and the growth period is relatively long. In order to increase the yield, it is very good to choose the sandy loam with rich soil and rich organic matter(200 cell seed starting trays). After the formation of the flower ball, it is difficult to dit a hole, and the fertilizer can be applied or poured with water.

For example, melon is a vegetable that many farmers can often eat(gallon pot). It is mainly distributed in other tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, and is cultivated in various parts of China. Winter melon seeds need to be soaked in 55 degree warm water for about 15 minutes. It also needs constant stirring, then soak for 12 hours in normal temperature water, soak it and then put it under 30 degrees to germination(72 cell propagation trays). Generally, it is soaked for one or two days. Will sprout.(cheap large plastic nursery flower pots wholesale)

Planting should be transplanted with soil in the afternoon(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). There are wild species in southern Yunnan, but the fruits and vegetables are very small. The nutritious soil should be thoroughly poured one day before sowing. In addition, it should be noted that the taste is also good, and the base fertilizer is applied(32 cell seed starter trays). As mentioned, in order to increase the yield of winter melon, it is necessary to pay attention to a lot of planting techniques.

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