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Araucaria is a genus Araucaria, belonging to the family Araucaria and Araucaria(72 cell plug trays supplier). Origin and habits: Araucaria native to Oceania Norfolk Island and the northeastern part of Australia. China's Guangdong, Hainan, Fujian and other places have cultivated garden trees, and potted plants are widely used in the north of the Yangtze River basin. Araucaria is resistant to yin, cold, and drought-tolerant. Like warm and humid climate, it has strong resistance to diseases and insects and pollution(plastic nursery pots wholesale). A suitable growth temperature is 10 to 25 ° C, and the lowest temperature in winter is maintained above 5 ° C.

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(cheap large plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)Morphological characteristics: Araucaria is an evergreen tree with a crown-shaped tower(128 cell plug trays supplier). Branching rules are horizontal, branchlets are flat or drooping, winter rotation occurs; young leaves or twigs are soft and sickle-shaped, leaves are about 1.5 cm long, and leaves on large and old branches are oval or triangular-shaped. It is about 0.6 meters long. Potted plants are generally 1 to 2 meters high(seed starter trays). Reproductive techniques: Araucaria can be propagated by sowing or cutting. Araucaria, which is planted in the north, rarely bears seeds and is often used for cutting propagation.

In the spring(128 cell seed trays wholesale), the erect new shoots or the long branches of the lateral buds are taken as cuttings (if the side branches and weak branches are used for cuttings, the cultivated plants are not crowned and lose the ornamental value). The cuttings are 7 cm long and can be rooted by inserting a greenhouse sand bed with a temperature of 13 to 16 ° C and a relative humidity of 60 to 80%. Or cut the saplings until the top buds pull out the upright new shoots, and then cut the branches in the spring(black plastic plant pots). Sowing and breeding: It is best to first damage the seed coat before sowing to promote germination.

(cheap large plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)Seed seedlings have long roots and few roots(seed starting trays supplier). When seedlings are transplanted, they are easy to cause dead seedlings. Grasping the technical points such as root protection, fine planting, heat preservation and shading can improve the survival rate of seedlings. The seedlings of the roots can be washed with water and then inserted into the plain sand. The roots can be re-rooted from the section at a temperature of 1 to 2 weeks(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Seedlings with broken buds and stems can be planted as usual, and sprouts will sprout after a certain period of time. Management technology: Nanyangshan Xiguang, need full light, but avoid glare.

In the summer, it is placed outdoors in the shade or half shade(32 cell plug trays supplier). Long-term in cold, dark places, the plants will grow thin and tall. In September, it should be moved into a cold room with no frost and good light. The temperature should be gradually changed, and the ideal temperature after October is 5 to 10 °C. The plants are regularly watered during the growing season and the soil is kept moist during the winter. In summer, the potting soil is too dry(plug trays wholesale). In winter, the water volume is too large, and the relative air temperature is below 60%, which will cause the lower leaves to soften.(cheap large plastic nursery pots wholesale suppliers usa)

Too dark or too hot in winter can cause needles to fall off or yellow(105 cell plug trays supplier). No calcium fertilizer is applied every two weeks during the growing season. Generally, the pots are changed in the spring for 2 to 3 years to prevent the plants from growing too high. The potting soil is preferably mixed with three loams, one humus soil, one coarse sand and a small amount of grass ash. The depth of the soil layer is in the upper layer and the bud point of the root layer is just exposed on the soil. Ornamental value: The Araucaria tree is beautiful in appearance and grows rapidly(black plastic nursery pots). It is used for garden planting or sowing, and the young tree is a precious foliage plant. In addition, Araucaria is an excellent material for Australia and South Africa.

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