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Cheap Large Plastic Nursery Tree Pots Wholesale

Usually, the peony flowers can be used to grow seedlings for planting by seeding, and to complete the sowing, we must first receive qualified seeds(propagation tray). The peony flower grows after the flower, and the fruit is cockroach. Each fruit is cockroach, usually containing 1-7 seeds. After the seeds are ripe, the cockroaches will crack and scatter the seeds(square nursery pots). 

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Generally, the peony flowers should be raised in time after receiving the seeds(plug trays). Otherwise, if the storage conditions are not available, it is easy to lose too much water, and after the sowing, it will not be able to bud. Therefore, the phenomenon of dead seedlings is more likely to occur, leading to planting failure. Xiaobian will share with you the method of seedling cultivation of peony flowers.(cheap large plastic nursery tree pots wholesale)

The specific sowing and seedling process is as follows: almost all flower plants that have been propagated by sowing seedlings often need to be harvested for seeding after the seeds are fully mature(seed starter trays), especially to avoid prematurely receiving immature or semi-mature seeds. If the next time is too late, and in the spring of the next year, the rate of germination will be greatly reduced. 

(cheap large plastic nursery tree pots wholesale)Today, for the harvested seeds, the seeds of many flower plants can be dried and stored, and can be planted until the right season(gallon plant pot). First, pick out the seeds that are strong and full from the seeds and pick out the fine seeds. Mainly, the selected seeds are placed in warm water of 50 ° C for soaking treatment, and then the seeds are taken out.

However, even if the seeds of the peony flower need to be stored, the outer skin of the seed will become hard and difficult to bud. If you are not eager to sow seeds and store seeds, you can usually carry out moisturizing treatment in the sand(wholesale greenhouse pots), but in the season of seed germination, you should take it out in time and then plant it(cheap large plastic nursery tree pots wholesale).

The seeds of the peony flowers are harvested in the same year and need to be sown in time, usually in the August-September of each year(plug trays wholesale). More importantly, even if the spring sprouts and roots, it is often difficult to withstand the spring drought due to slow development of the root system and underdeveloped roots(greenhouse supplies pots). 

In order to increase the germination effect of the sowing(gallon nursery pots), it is necessary to carry out the necessary treatment of the seeds before seeding. The seed coat of peony flowers is relatively thin and easy to absorb water(plastic grow pots). If it can be treated reasonably before sowing, it can not only improve the germination rate, but also the buds are more uniform and tidy, usually reaching more than 80%.

It is necessary to wait until the capsule of the peony flower turns yellow and cracks before it can receive mature seeds(black plastic plant pots). Sowing time is very important for flower plants, and often determines the seed germination time, sprouting rate and many other aspects. Therefore, it is very important to harvest mature seeds at the right time and to sow them in time(flat plastic tray). 

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