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Cheap Large Plastic Nutrition Bowls Wholesale

The small stem around the female bulb is peeled off for breeding, and then the root of the female parent is trimmed(128 cell plug trays supplier). The top should be exposed to the soil surface, do not plant too deep, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of new sprouts to be unearthed(wholesale nursery pots). Slightly slightly acidic.(cheap large plastic nutrition bowls wholesale)

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Avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to stopping fertilizer during the dormant period and wintering period(72 cell propagation trays), so as to avoid the long-term growth of the other shore. Keep the flowers moist near the flowering period, and apply appropriate flower fertilizer to promote flowering more neatly. The culture soil should be mixed with peat soil, garden soil and perlite at a ratio of 2 to 2 ratio. 

Beautiful. The other side of the flower is wild in the shade of the hillside and the creek, and the courtyard is also cultivated(black plastic nursery pots). The other side of the land is red soil, so it is cold-resistant and can withstand the high temperature limit of 24 °C. The small stem is removed and the soil can be planted after the wound is healed. If the pot is best, it is a pot and a stem. 

(cheap large plastic nutrition bowls wholesale)Hi moist, also drought-tolerant, accustomed to acidic soil, with loose, fertile humus soil is best(128 cell seed trays wholesale). There are summer dormancy habits. The soil requirements are not strict, and the humus-rich soil and the damp and well-drained environment are good, and the pH is between 6 and 7. The optimum temperature for growth is above and below 24 °C. 

In nature, it is often wild in areas with gentle slopes and well-drained areas such as gentle slopes and streams(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). It can also grow in a slightly deeper place on the top of the hills in the hilly mountains. Potted plants are grown for 3 years, and can be planted in a large ball (with a diameter of 7 cm or more), which can be planted in a pot. 

Soil quality requires well-drained sandy soil or loose culture soil(200 cell seed starting trays). During the vegetative growth period, water should be irrigated frequently. The right amount of water must be supplied from the 20th day before flowering to the flowering stage to achieve uniform flowering and easy maintenance of flowers. During the growing season, the pancake water is applied once every half month. 

Keep the soil moist, but not water, to prevent the bulbs from rot(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Breeding method of the other side of the flower: The breeding method of the other side of the flower is very simple, and the small bulbs around the main ball of the other side of the flower are peeled off for breeding. Post-anthesis treatment and pest control Lycoris should be cut off after flowering to reduce nutrient loss.

The genus is adaptable and cold-resistant(seed starting trays supplier). The root of the main ball is repaired and can be planted after the wound is dry. To plant shallow, make 1/3 of the ball on the soil. After watering the basin, the soil is slightly moistened. Water the water after it has been sent(plug trays wholesale). Apply liquid fertilizer once every half month. After germination, turn over the basin or replace the potting soil.

(cheap large plastic nutrition bowls wholesale)In the summer dormant period, there should be less watering, and the spring and autumn should always keep the soil moist(72 cell plug trays supplier). Hi-half-yin, avoid direct sunlight in summer, maintain half-yin in spring and autumn, strictly control watering during winter, stop fertilizing. Common pests are: twill night moth, Lycoris radiata, thrips, clams(plastic nursery pots). 

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