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Cheap Large Plastic Plant Pots Factory Russia

The containers used for soilless cultivation of flowers in the family should not be metal or containers containing acid, alkali and salt, but ceramics, sugar porcelain, plastic, glass and other utensils can be used(propagators for sale). We should pay attention to watering the substrate to cultivate flowers. Then put the washed root system in the prepared nutrient solution diluted 10 times for 10 minutes to fully absorb nutrients(plastic flower pots bulk). The matrix used is perlite.

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The matrix used is perlite and pottery gravel(large nursery containers). Then take out the flower seedlings cultivated in the soil from the original pot, pay attention not to damage the root system when taking out, put the root system with soil in the water close to the ambient temperature for a period of time, and then wash the soil near the root system and root system(72 cell plug trays). The principle of water supplement is to replenish water when the surface substrate is dry to 2 cm. 

(cheap large plastic plant pots factory russia)Water culture flowers generally require room temperature above 5 ℃ and below 30 ℃, and should not be exposed to the sun, so as to prevent high liquid temperature from damaging roots(bulk garden pots). The common flower fertilizer on the market can not be used to prepare nutrient solution because of its incomplete nutrition, which can not fully meet the needs of flower growth and development(planting trays wholesale); and it can not be completely dissolved in water.

Dry watering can be seen in the surface perlite(bulk plastic planters). It should not contain harmful and toxic substances, and maintain pH and ion concentration suitable for root growth and nutrient absorption. The temperature of nutrient solution should be controlled according to the requirements of different kinds of flowers to ensure the suitable liquid temperature of these flowers and make the flowers grow well(plastic flower pots wholesale). Nutrient solution can be purchased directly on the market.

Generally, water once a week in the growing period, and the amount of water is determined according to the size of the plant(flower pot wholesale supplier). For example, if the inner diameter of flower pot is 20 cm, 100 ml water can be poured each time. During the dormancy period in winter or summer, water once every half a month or once a month. Tap water is still available for water supplement at ordinary times(nursery plant pots wholesale). Pay attention to timely rehydration. Transplanting from September to October.

(cheap large plastic plant pots factory russia)The young seedlings are usually irrigated with nutrient solution once every 15-20 days(nursery containers for trees); large seedlings are generally irrigated with nutrient solution every 7-15 days; and they are irrigated once a month in winter or dormancy period. From March to August, place it in a cool and ventilated place and water and spray water on the leaves(plastic plant pots bulk). From September to October, the number of rehydration was increased, and the window sill facing the sun was placed.

Strengthen ventilation during maintenance to prevent high temperature(plastic planter manufacturers). After the occurrence, it is necessary to cut off the affected part immediately and clean it to reduce the spread. The concentration of selected pesticides should be low and can be used for a period of time to ensure the removal of plant diseases and insect pests. The matrix used is perlite. Supplement nutrient solution once every 2 weeks(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). The surface perlite should be watered when it becomes dry.

After budding, the buds should be thinned reasonably, and the residual flowers should be removed in time after the flowers withered(2 gallon container). Spring is the season of changing basin for soilless cultivation of rose. The mixture of plant ash vermiculite (1:1) was used. Rehydrate 2-3 times a week(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). During the growth period, the residual pedicels, diseased branches, over dense buds and reasonable bud thinning should be removed in time.(cheap large plastic plant pots factory russia)

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