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The functions of the seeder when using the seeder, it is required that the seeder shall have the following functions(sowing tray): first, the seeder shall not break or damage the seeds; second, the seeder can adjust the seeding amount when inserting seeds, and the seeds can be evenly distributed in the row; third, the processes of trenching(128 cell seed starter trays), seeding, covering and pressing can be completed once, and the covering thickness shall be consistent.

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Before using the seeder, trial sowing and inspection shall be carried out according to the above requirements(plant germination trays). The management of sowing land is from the beginning of sowing to the end of seedling excavation. This work is very important, it directly affects the number and speed of seedlings, and even has a certain impact on the success or failure of seedlings(seed plug trays wholesale). Only by doing a good job in this brush room can we achieve the requirements of earlier, more and more seedlings.

(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers indonesia)The management of planting land includes(plastic flower pots manufacturers): It can not only keep soil moisture and reduce irrigation, but also prevent salt and alkali from rising or causing soil hardening due to water evaporation and reduce resistance of seedlings. Covering with plastic film can improve soil temperature and water conservation more significantly, thus shorten the germinating period(120mm plastic grow pots), increase the field germination rate and the yield of qualified seedlings, and prevent bird damage.

The existing covering materials include plastic film, straw, straw, curtain, moss, tree branches (such as pine and spruce), humus soil and peat, etc(seed starting tray wholesale). Spring can improve soil temperature, accelerate seed germination, shorten the period of Portuguese. When selecting covering materials, covering and removing of planting land, irrigation, weeding, pest control, etc(104 cell trays bulk). we should pay attention not to cause diseases and insect pests, and covering materials should not prevent seedlings from being unearthed.

The soil temperature at the depth of 10 cm is 3.9 ℃ - 5 ℃ higher than that of the control(plant cell trays). In April, the soil moisture content of the next sentence was about 20% in the soil layer above 20 star meters, 3.5% higher than that of the control. The effect of plastic mulching is the best, relates to the yield and quality of seedlings, which can completely achieve the above purpose(72 cell seed starting trays). The advantages of Mechanized Sowing are shown in five aspects: first, it has high efficiency and does not miss farming time.(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers indonesia)

During the growing period, when it is necessary to open the film for top dressing, loosening soil and weeding, it shall be compacted as soon as it is opened(6 cell plant trays). The other mulches were covered with grass, although they could achieve the goal of water conservation, but the effect of water conservation was not good if they were too thin(12.5cm plastic grow pots): if they were too thick, the temperature of the sowing land would be low, making the seeds germinate late. Use a dark cover.

(cheap large plastic plant pots manufacturers indonesia)The appropriate thickness of the cover depends on the covering materials used and the local climate conditions, and it is not allowed to be too thick or too thick(50 cell plug trays). Generally, the thickness of grass is enough to cover the ground; Fourth, the working range of the seeder should be suitable for the working range of the machines and tools used in seedling land management(128 cell seedling start trays). The surface temperature covered by the film is 2.1 ℃ ~ 4 ℃ higher than that of the control in spring (April).

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