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The tree bonsai has broken through the frame of "six stations, three supports and one roof"(288 plug tray), paying attention to the natural way of learning, paying attention to poetry and painting, and gradually formed the modeling technique of "cutting mainly, supplemented by tie" and "coarse tie and fine cut"(11cm plastic grow pots). The Supai bonsai has a completely new look and is unique with its delicate and quaint artistic features.

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In the Guangfu area on the outskirts of Suzhou, plum blossoms have been cultivated since the Song Dynasty, and various forms of plum pile bonsai have been made(grass plug trays). However, the position of the "top piece" also varies with the situation. It changes due to the shape, and it has a lot to do with the shape of the trees(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Supai bonsai is represented by elm, triangular maple, plum blossom, bird plum, etc.(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers united states)

Others include pomegranate, yellow wattle, privet, melon seed boxwood, juniper, tiger thorn, June snow, five needle pine, black pine, etc(soil block trays). The overall shape is a summary of the image of old trees commonly seen in Jiangnan. Supai's works are mostly taken from old trees commonly found in the area(20 cell plug trays supplier). Now divided as follows. will be mainly trimmed to form an oblong shape with a bulge like a steamed bun.

(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers united states)Tree species, among which deciduous tree species are the most(greenhouse trays plastic). To cultivate a bonsai with roots, a part of the roots of the bonsai is usually protruded from the surface of the pot when it is planted. After a long time, rain and water will wash away the soil above, and the roots will naturally appear on the surface of the soil(plastic plant pots manufacturers). Traditional Suzhou bonsai is mostly regular(succulent propagation tray). All the twigs are antler-shaped.

The most common form is called "six stands, three supports and one roof"(rootmaker trays), which is to bend the trunk of the tree into six bends, choose a certain position, and leave nine side branches to separate left and right. Three pieces, that is, "six stations"; the back is tied into three pieces, that is, "three supports"; finally the top is tied into a large piece, that is, "one top"(40 cell plug trays supplier). The front is wide and the sides are narrow.(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers united states)

The tree shape of the Su school is mainly semi-regular nowadays(soil block propagation trays). The so-called semi-regular type means that the branches and leaves of the trees are "coarsely cut and finely cut" to form bun-shaped discs, while the main stem takes a natural shape(lavender plug trays wholesale). "Screen style": The main stem is upright and looks like a barrier from the front. When cutting, the branches are bent to the left and right sides to form a fan.

(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers united states)The size and number of the discs should be commensurate with the size, height and shape of the trunk of the tree(200 cell plug trays). "Split dry type": cut off the crown of the plum plant and split it in half, so that each half has roots and branches and leaves. The upper elderberry red, palace powder, green zun, jade butterfly and other flower-viewing varieties are placed in pairs(104 cell plug trays supplier). Basin, also known as "splitting plum"(slightly drooping).

"Rough tie and fine cut" is a method of trimming with tie pieces(v16 nursery pots). That is, the side branches of the tree are tied flat with palm silk into "two bends and a half" or "three bends and a half" into an S shape. The traditional form of the plum pile mentioned above still has certain merits(best microgreen trays). This kind of "coarse and finely cut" discs are mainly used for tree species such as finch plum, langyu, and triangular maple.(cheap large plastic plant pots suppliers united states)

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