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Cheap Large Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Direct France

It can be divided into early growing flowers, neutral flowers and wet flowers(soil block propagation trays). Early growing flowers. Watering soon dry, these signs show that the pot is too small, affecting the normal growth of flowers. Neutral flowers. The propagation techniques of Rhododendron include sowing propagation, ramet propagation and grafting propagation(18 cell trays bulk). The lotus, water lily and calabash in wet flowers need to be cultivated in the pool or water tank.

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It refers to the flowers that can withstand certain drought (relatively speaking), such as county flower, crab claw orchid, lotus flower, tiger tail orchid, aloe, Yushu and various cactus(best microgreen trays). This kind of flower basin soil should be dry and avoid wet, otherwise it is easy to cause rotten root and stem or death(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price). On the contrary, in the shade of insufficient light, there are only branches and leaves, thin branches and thin leaves, and few or no flowers.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale direct france)Then, when does the plant need to change pots(lavender plug trays wholesale)? From the perspective of flower growth, the plant growth becomes slow or stops growing; the leaves turn yellow, there is flower falling phenomenon, and the flowering time of the flower becomes shorter; there are roots protruding from the vent hole at the bottom of the pot(24 cell trays bulk); when the soil is loosened, the root system of the flower has obviously hindered the loosening tools. Wet flowers.

This kind of flower avoid basin soil too dry, more avoid too wet, otherwise easy to cause dry dead into rotten roots(succulent propagation tray). In the pot, put 1 / 3 of the broken tiles or sawdust in the basin to facilitate drainage, and then put a layer of moss, and then put in the sterilized rotten soil, soaked in water, and evenly sow the seeds. After sowing, cover with fine soil, film or glass, put in a cool place, gradually remove the covering after germination(4 cell trays bulk), avoid direct sunlight, pay attention to ventilation, and change the basin after three leaves grow.

Cold resistant flowers(plastic nursery pots suppliers). Most of these flowers are originated in cold or temperate regions, and the best growth temperature is 15 ~ 25 ℃, and the growth is slow when the temperature is below 10 ℃, but the cold resistance is strong. In winter, they can withstand the low temperature below 0 ℃, such as plum blossom(6 cell trays bulk), Magnolia, Chimonanthus praecox, medlar, pomegranate, grape, pine, cypress, Calendula officinalis and tulip.(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale direct france)

Flowers that need to overwinter at room temperature above 10 ℃, such as Alternanthera alternifolia, taro, Phalaenopsis, Huwei orchid, poinsettia, grafted cactus and various kinds of evergreen(plastic plant pots manufacturers). If the temperature is too low, the flowers are easy to be frozen burnt leaves or stems, and even freeze to death. It refers to the flowers that can grow well in the soil with slight moisture, such as Rhododendron(8 cell trays bulk), Phalaenopsis, orchid, Daphne, Clivia, xianglongxueshu, cycads, kumquat, etc.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale direct france)It refers to that it can grow well under the light intensity of about 50%, that is, in the environment of half shade and half Yang or in the scattered light environment(plastic plant pot suppliers), such as Rhododendron, camellia, orchid, gardenia, Clivia, and Pseudolarix. In terms of the conditions of family flower cultivation, according to the minimum temperature required for overwintering, it can be roughly divided into the following four species(12 cell trays bulk). It can be sprayed with Bordeaux solution after withering.

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