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Cheap Large Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Spain

Also known as powdery mildew(1 gallon nursery pots). Damage to rose, rose, Euonymus japonicus, kumquat, etc. are also found, often infected with the leaves, stems and flower structure of flowers. When powdery mildew occurs, a layer of white powder appears on the surface of the damage area, and the leaves wither when the disease is serious(plastic plant trays). Also known as black spot disease, brown spot disease and so on. It is specially hidden in the bottom hole of the pot.

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Control method: spray 0.5 degree of stone sulfur mixture or tobujin, carbendazim, chlorothalonil (75% wettable powder) and other chemicals(nursery trays). Harm rose, Rongli, Clivia, pomegranate, peach leaf Shan period, orchid, chrysanthemum, etc. Before the onset of the disease, 50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution was regularly sprayed(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The surface of the damaged leaves initially showed yellow green spots, and the back of the leaves was densely covered with orange yellow powder.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers spain)At the beginning of the disease, the base near the soil turns brown and rotting(5 gallon nursery pots). The mycelium is white, silky, initially white, and then turns yellow to brown, such as rapeseed. The disease usually occurs in summer when the soil is moist, rainy and hot. Control method: the potted soil should be disinfected before use, at the same time pay attention to the ventilation of the environment(large plant pots for trees), avoid planting too dense, prune the diseased branches.

Scale insects of chaff. Most of them are active at night and eat the branches and leaves of various flowers, new buds and soft parts of flowers(15 gallon plant pot). Prevention and control methods: after the discovery should be timely killed, or in the bottom of the basin spray dimethoate, trichlorfon drugs, in the bottom of the pot around the hole can also be coated with salt(plastic plant pots). Prevention and control method: after the discovery, use artificial capture to eliminate it.(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers spain)

This disease is harmful to rose, camellia, azalea, rose, chrysanthemum, etc(1020 trays). black spots appear in the middle of leaves, and then yellow leaves fall off. Most of the causes of this disease are due to the hot and humid environment. Control method: pay attention to improve the environmental conditions, in the early onset of disease can be removed, burned(2 gallon plant pot). Spray 1% Bordeaux solution 4-5 times, about once every 7 days. This disease often occurs in hot, humid and airless environment.

50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution was used for drug control, which was sprayed three to four times a week(square nursery pots). It occurs from July to August in Shanghai. It is the winter spore of rust. Often harm grape, water Begonia, wolfberry, chrysanthemum and other leaves. Harm to orchids, etc(7 gallon plastic pots). At the beginning of the disease, red spots appeared on the leaves, then turned black brown, and then expanded to gray white, and many small black spots appeared.

(cheap large plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers spain)This disease is most likely to occur in plum rain season or continuous autumn rain. Prevention and control methods: potted flowers should be placed in a place with light and ventilation to avoid watering the leaves. After that, black brown polygonal spots appeared around the disease spots, which mostly appeared near the veins and the edge of the leaves(3 gallon pot). The disease started from the lower leaves and gradually spread to the upper leaves.

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